04 October 2014

STAGE FRIGHT [/Slash Filmfestival 2014]


USA, 2014
Director: Jerome Sable


I don't like musicals, but I like slasher films. Imagining these two genres combined didn't exactly excite me, and as expected, the debut feature of short-film-director Jerome Sable ("The Legend of Beaver Dam") turned out to be a pretty lame genre mash-up that simply can't decide between musical-spoof, semi-serious horror musical and feel-good horror-comedy. The basic concept is great
- summer camp gets terrorized by a Kabuki-like heavy metal killer whilst trying to put the cursed musical "The Haunting of the Opera" to stage - but the overall execution is just poor.

I'm not saying that just because I dislike musicals. Hell, after a fabulously 80s-like and slightly Argento-esque opening kill, "Stage Fright" (unoriginal title, not to be confused with similarly-titled movies from Michele Soavi or Alfred Hitchcock) kicks off with a musical number that is so hilarious, I really laughed my ass off. However, instead of delivering more fun sing-a-longs and more super-cool kills, the movie gets into introduce-the-characters-mode for far too long and spreads tiring boredom instead of jolly happiness.

The second half is much better with lots of super-gruesome and gory kills, a badass-looking madman and some hilarious on-stage moments, but nothing we haven't seen before. Seriously, take Soavi's "Stage Fright", mix it with Troma's "Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D.", throw in some clich├ęd musical tunes, and you get the idea. Also, the screenplay is a quite predictable mess and due to Sable's mediocre direction, the whole thing feels more like horror-infected "Glee" fan-fiction (I hate... nah, despise "Glee").

The performances of Meat Loaf and the still-super-hawt Minnie Driver are great, and every actor's make-up looks simply amazing, but overall, "Stage Fright" didn't gave me the jitters, it just bored me.


  1. Exactly! The movie had no idea what it wanted to be - spoofy, gory, dramatic? Either way, it had a few good moments here and there but overall, this one wasn't for me.

    1. Fully agree with you. Could have been sooo good, but ended up sooo bland.


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