24 October 2014

WOLFCOP [/Slash Filmfestival 2014]


Canada, 2014
Director: Lowell Dean


"WolfCop" is like a joke that is actually quite amusing, but loses its comedic effect if it's told too often. I first heard about it when the movie's IndieGogo campaign went viral. It looked and sounded like a really badass project with massive cult potential - but with every news update, every press release, every teaser/trailer that followed, the whole thing somehow became more and
more unspectacular.

The final product isn't bad, but it's not awesome either, not as badass and
over-the-top as it should have been. The third feature by Canadian director Lowell Dean ("13 Eerie") is a solid horror-comedy romp about miserable alcoholic cop Lou Garou (lol) who becomes a better "man" when the bite of a werewolf turns him into a lycanthropic policeman [a hairier version of Dirty Harry ;-)))]...

...but as solid as it maybe, it eventually is an underwhelming and unfortunately highly forgettable movie, mainly because it doesn't deliver anything special, remarkable or memorable. The cast is good, the special effects are all pretty nice, music, editing and camera work are all cool, but there's nothing that stands out, nothing that grabs your eyeballs and glues them to the screen. Even though it tries hard to be a cult classic, it eventually fails because it's much too tame,
much too lame.

Next to a few cool on-duty scenes, a hilarious opening and decent wolf-transformations, the movie's only real highlight is a wolf-tastic sex scene, accompanied by Gowan's terrific (and a bit guilty-pleasure-esque) "Moonlight Desires". Other than that... well, it's an okay movie, but far from being as awesome as other 2014 werewolf highlights, like "When Animals Dream" 
or "Late Phases".


  1. Dude! I met Gowan when I was 17. Lol I was such a fangirl of his. I will watch this movie for that scene alone. ;)

    1. Really? Awesome! He's totally unknown here in Europe. This is the very first thing I ever heard from him!

  2. I really enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more

    1. Oh yeah. Great concept, mediocre execution.

  3. Well damn. I'll still check it out at some point - most likely in a Crazy Movie Weekend or Crazy Movie Saturday.


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