13 November 2014



Alternate International Title:
Dark Flight

German Title:
Dark Flight - Ghosts on a Plane

Thailand, 2012
Director: Isara Nadee


A few weeks ago, some dork connected Takashi Shimizu's "7500" on Imdb with this film, claiming it's a remake - which is obviously bullshit because both films were shot in 2012, both are based on original screenplays, and... well, aside from taking place on a plane, these two films have nearly nothing in common.

Contrary to "7500" which is more of a dark supernatural chiller (Review here),
"407 Dark Flight" goes into a completely different direction, trying to combine over-the-top comedy with drama and clichéd Asian ghost horror. Imagine "Snakes on a Plane" or "Plane of the Living Dead", replace the snakes/zombies with ghosts, add some "Airport", some elements of Pedro Almodóvar's "I'm So Excited" and lots of cheesy 3D effects. The result is a dumb and hardly entertaining piece of silliness that tries way too hard to be witty and original, completely forgets about thrills and chills, and constantly hops between genres in an immensely amateurish way.

The acting ranges from okay (business lady, weird flight attendant) to awful (flight simulator kid, dreadlock guy) to I-hate-you-so-much-right-now-Aaaaargh! (oh-so-amusing gay flight attendant named Prince). Several scenes are ridiculously awesome (ghost grandma spits flies / business woman vs. monk / dreadlock vs. gay / monk claims: "I'm a scientist who turned into a monk."), while others are just unfunny, stupid and unoriginal (fat guy doing a Linda Blair head-turner, Hongkong girl with "Evil Dead" voice, gay flight attendant doing disco dancing).

In addition, the music sounds like it was composed for some generic made-for-TV drama, the direction is terrible (Isara Nadee, "Art of the Devil 2+3") and there are sooo many shitty-looking CGI 3D effects, even The Asylum would be jealous. Nonsense.


  1. "...even The Asylum would be jealous..." HA! Great line! I'm not watching the movie, but I'm glad you did!


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