24 November 2014



Canada, 2013
Director: Cody Calahan


Ever since I first heard of this movie and its hilariously genius concept, I was ridiculously excited for it. I mean... dayum, Canadian writer / producer Cody Calahan's ("Monster Brawl", "The Drownsman") directorial debut feature "Antisocial" takes place on New Year's Eve and deals with a bizarre virus that spreads all over the world via a Facebook-like social network called "The Social Redroom" and turns its users into aggressive and violent semi-zombies. Is it just me or does this sound really awesome?

Unfortunately, what seemed like some kinda "Pontypool"-esque satire on everything internet- and social media-related, is actually just a lame and pretty unoriginal ripoff of the slightly overlooked "The Signal" (2007) with elements of "28 Days Later" (It's end of the world as we know it...), "Pulse" (Internet is bad for you!) and maybe "Growth" (yucky worms and shit). The basic concept is amazing, but instead of focusing on what goes on outside/all over the world and on the internet, they made a "Purge" and created a really frustrating borefest about 5 uninteresting teenagers in an uninteresting house talking about all kinds of uninteresting stuff, getting trasnformed into clich├ęd infected semi-zombies.

The acting is neat, but nearly every single character is just lackluster and forgettable - and the few that seem to be a bit more interesting, they constantly talk drivel, delivering wild, uber-abstruse and unintentionally ridiculous theories and explanations about the virus' origin *sigh* Also, Canada's best kept acting-secret Robert Nolan (yay!) is just in for a couple of seconds (nay).

There's not much tension, action or scariness going on. A couple of mildly eerie scenes (the infected all experience unsettling visions before they goe batshit insane), a few mildly gory kills, some ok violence. That's it. The best thing about "Antisocial" is the intense, pulse-pounding electro-score by Steph Copeland (who?) that gave me a few stunning ear-gasms. Everything else about it is just anti-entertaining. Totally not interested in the upcoming
"Antisocial 2" (what? why? ugh).


  1. Here's where a low budget kills the show - great idea - but no money to do anything with it but a 5 character talkfest in a house. Meh.

    1. Yeah, it's the same thing that killed "The Purge".


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