26 November 2014

FOUND (2012)


USA, 2012
Director: Scott Schirmer


The huge amount of immensely positive and extremely enthusiastic reviews for this indie feature obviously made it one of my absolute top must-see flicks this year. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work for me, not because of my high expectations, but more because... well, this is a movie you will either adore or you will just find okay.

Director / writer Scott Schirmer's adaptation of Todd Rigney's novel of the same name follows a young, bullied boy who finds out that his brother is a brutal and racist serial killer who seems to be addicted to kill and behead African-American people, causes by his strange obsession with an obscure horror movie
called "Headless"...

"Found" looks and feels as if Harmony Korine and Lynne Ramsay created their very own definition of a slasher movie. The basic storyline is fresh, original and fascinating, it's full of imaginative and rather remarkable scenes, sequences, moments and ideas that stick with you (animated opening / kids creating a graphic novel about superheroes about "Roach Man" & "Bag Punch" / fake horror films "Deep Dwellers", "Death Rattlers" or the above-mentioned "Headless" / killers wearing gas masks or skull masks...), and the gore is very, very insane, especially the "Headless" footage which includes some of the most awesome-looking blood I've seen in a very long time, as well as the most demented maniacs-fucks-decapitated-head scene since "High Tension".

Unfortunately, "Found" is unable to decide what it wants to be: coming-of-age drama? gore shocker? social commentary on White America and/or racism? It touches many genres/subgenres, but doesn't manage to piece them all together, so it all feels rather muddled and slightly incoherent. I also thought that Schirmer tried too hard to shock the audience, tried too hard to touch as many subjects as possible, tried too hard to cram as many ideas as possible into it, or like Twitchfilm mentioned in their review, he even tried too hard "to make it look like it cost more than it did". Schirmer is definitely a talented filmmaker with a unique vision, but in this case, he was completely overdoing it. Less is more.

Some of the acting is amazing (Gavin Brown, Ethan Philbeck), some is just super-lame (Louie Lawless). Music, editing, and ciematography are all splendid, gore and make-up effects are just terrific. The ending seemed to have disturbed nearly everyone who saw it - except me. [SPOILER] seeing the masked brother walking into the room with an erect penis after he killed his parents... well, it actually did amuse me because it reminded me a bit of the over-the-top erect-penis ending in this year's mindblower "The Samurai".

If you haven't seen "Found" yet, don't listen to me. Go out and see it for yourself. Most of you will adore the hell out of it, but a few of you will probably about as underwhelmed as me. Good luck!

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  1. Sounds interesting - but like you - when something gets a lot (too much?) acclaim I often find myself underwhelmed too.


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