27 November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving - with "BLOOD RAGE"


Alternate Title:
Nightmare at Shadow Woods

USA, 1987
Director: John Grissmer


It's Thanksgiving. Mother Maddy, her son Terry and the family sitting together for some delicious and Turkey and shit when suddenly the telephone rings and Maddy receives news that her other son Todd escaped from the mental asylum. Todd and Terry are identical twins. As a kid, Terry brutally slaughtered a teenage boy, but instead of him, his brother Todd was found guilty and eventually locked away. Now that Todd escaped, Terry takes the chance to act out his murderous desire and goes on a massive killing spree to frame his brother once again...

What may sound and a bit confusing is actually one of the most overlooked, most underrated 80s slashers. "Blood Rage" (not to be confused with the 1979 horror thriller "Bloodrage") is obviously as clich├ęd as nearly every other late-80s killer flick (survivor girl, premarital sex, pot and booze...), but apart from that, it delivers an incredible high amount of tension and nervewracking suspense, as well as an insanely high body count and gallons of gloriously ghastly gore, including decapitations, stabbings, impalings, severed limbs and one girl even gets
cut in half - very nice!

"Blood Rage" has never been properly released on DVD, at least not in its uncut form, which is a shame because slasher fans like me need to seek out bad-quality VHS-rips on YouTube to enjoy all the blood and violence. An even bigger shame is the fact that this was one of only 2 directorial efforts by director / writer John Grissmer. I have no idea why he didn't get the chance to shoot more films. His direction is terrific and he perfectly managed to turn Bruce Rubin's ("Zapped!") screenplay into a gripping and excellently entertaining gorefest
with only a handful of flaws.

Also very worth mentioning: an exceptionally intense synth score by Richard Einhorn ("The Prowler", "Don't Go in the House"), a fantastic double role by Mark Soper ("Swordfish") who gives flawless performances as confused Todd and uber-maniac Terry, an even more fantastic performance by Louise Lasser ("Requiem for a Dream") as mother who slowy loses her marbles + an unexpectedly grim and rather unforeseeable ending.

I can't recommend this movie highly enough. "Blood Rage" is one helluva slasher and you just have to check it out!

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  1. Sounds like a real gore fest. Thanks for the info! :)

  2. I saw this on cable decades ago under the Nightmare title - wonder if it was cut? It was gory, but I wonder...I liked it too - clever thing with the killer being the free one and seizing the escape as a new opportunity to kill... Damn, now I want to see this again!

    1. It's on YouTube, Craig, but... since you never watch movies on YouTube... welll...


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