13 November 2014



Canada, 2012
Director: Gabriel Carrer


 As a big Deftones fan, I got immensely excited when I first read the title of this movie, and obviously started to hum the refrain of "Change (In the House of Flies)" immediately. To my chagrin, the fourth feature of Canadian filmmaker Gabriel Carrer was a huge disappointment and about as boring as the entire works of Henry Rollins who plays a small part in this movie, which revolves two young lovers who get abducted and locked into an undisclosed, suburban basement...

"In the House of Flies" is one of the dullest and slowest movies I've seen this year. The pacing is so fucking slow, I was close to turn it off several times. There's nothing happening, at least nothing that grips, thrills or entertains you. There's these two characters (both not exactly smpathetic), a bunch of suitcases, a telephone and an anonymous caller playing oh-so-naughty but actually incredibly unspectacular psychological mind games with both of them. That's it.

It could have been good with likable characters, with tighter, faster or more intense pacing, and with a villain who comes off as if he's Satan himself. Unfortunately, the bad guy is just a lame, unimpressive pain in the ass, the pacing is as boring as watching flies fuck, and the couple... well, I totally didn't care for them at all. The extremely mediocre acting obviously didn't help.

Some cool photography, an intriguing electro score and a quite cool ending. Everything else about it is just frustrating.

Thanks to October Coast PR for the screener!

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