10 November 2014



German Title:
Kingdom Come - Zwischen Leben und Tod

Canada, 2014
Director: Greg A. Sager


For the umpteenth time, a group of people (in this case, a group of real assholes, including child molesters, rapists and murderers) awakes in a creepy unknown location without any knowledge how they got here (in this case, an *yawn* abandoned hospital). They, or let's say, the viewer soon (erm... within the first 5-10 minutes...) finds out that they're actually all already dead (fuck spoilers, it's basically "Cube" mixed with "Devil", "Saw" + the same ending as in "Reeker" or "Dead End"). Satan himself (a dorky non-actor in a suit) brought them here to play a little moral game with them...

In some kinda way, "Kingdom Come" is almost as aggravating as this year's hate-fest "Dating a Zombie", as it was obviously made by a bunch of reactionary christians (at least that's what I think) who try to shove their morals down our throats, in this case: pedophiles can be forgiven... kill a pedophile and you go to hell... abortion is bad and you should go to hell for it unless your dead child forgives you... etc. etc. I hate these movies. Stuff like that makes me angry and sends my blood pressure soaring.

In addition, the movie is unbelievably dull, due to the fact that it's as predictable as the sunrise, as well as to Greg A. Sager's ("Devil Seed") incredibly bad direction. He has absolutely no idea how to create any kind of tension or scariness, no motivation whatsoever to create anything remotely original, no interest in getting the best out of his actors. Ry Barrett or Katie Uhlmann could have achieved way better performances with a competent director at hand, while others like Jo Jo Karume (yo, I'm a tough-ass motherfucker!) or Jason Martorini (mwahaha, I'm oh so evil!) are just awful and should have been replaced.

Cinematography and music are both boring and underwhelming, the few CGI effects look terrible, the entire thing is way too dark (bad lighting) and the ending is just bad, bad, bad. The only thing that deserves to get at least 1 point (aside from some hot nudity) is the make-up. Wonderfully designed hell creatures and really neat-looking gore. Everything else about it is just rubbish.
Lameassdom come.


Thanks to October Coast PR for the screener!


  1. You crack me up! So all women who've had abortions are going to hell? It's going to be really crowded down there....

  2. I won't try to refute any of your claims as they seem mostly personal opinions....but I will say it is worth a look....and I am glad you spent the time doing that.....it is always hard to separate ones self from the process but it was a hell of hard shoot, weather was never on our side and the location...'yawn'.... abandoned hospital...was a real abandoned youth and children's psychiatric complex of over a million square feet... with no amenities or heat or electrical so everything you see on screen we had to create....again I am glad you watched the film and of course happy you liked the make-up effects (I did them)....thanks for the review and thanks for getting the word out on Kingdom Come! Anthony Veilleux

    1. Consider yourself proud: the make-up effects were pretty much the only good thing about it! :)


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