10 December 2014



Alternate Title:
Wer: The Legend Reborn

German Title:
Wer - Das Biest in dir

USA, 2013
Director: William Brent Bell


It's not as fun as "Late Phases", not as intense as "When Animals Dream", but holy shit, it's definitely one more really impressive 2014 werewolf shocker, especially regarding the fact that it was directed by William Brent Bell whose previous movies "Stay Alive" (dumb video game slasher) and "The Devil Inside" (laughable exorcism mockumentary) were both rather lame. However, this time Bell simply kicks ass.

"Wer" follows a defense attorney who realizes that her client, a bear of a man, super-hairy with hands like shovels (and who's charged with murder) is actually a berserk and almost unstoppable werewolf. The movie starts out as run-of-the-mill found-footage flick, but soon transforms itself into a wild and fast-paced shocker full of heart-pounding suspense, breathtaking action and really brutal kills.

The werewolf is actually more of a wolfman and looks simply amazing. Combine Jack Nicholson with Benicio del Toro, add a huge portion of badassness and wolf-charisma - the result is one of the most terrific wolf/man-hybrids in recent years. Massive kudos to non-actor Brian Scott O'Connor who delivers a performance that is simply incredible. More great acting by the highly underused A.J. Cook (who previously appeared in two of my alltime favorite movies, "The Virgin Suicides" and "Final Destination 2"), Vik Sahay ("Chuck") and Sebastian Roché ("Beowulf"). Also worth mentioning: Simon Quarterman whose acting feels rather meh at first, but gets better and better the longer the movie lasts.

There's lots of CGI but it never feels cheap or distracting, it's actually very well-used, especially during the transformations and through several of the gorier scenes. Some pacing problems in the first half and a few rather predictbale sequences, but aside from that, "Wer" is a very welcome surprise.
More of that please!

Trivia: I'm not sure, but I guess the movie's title "Wer" stems from the german word for werewolf which is "Werwolf". However, when you consider the fact that "Wer" is also the german word for "Who", the title gets a whole new meaning...


  1. "Wer" you wanting to convince me to see this? Success!

    1. "Wer" wenn nicht ich? = Who if not me? :D


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