19 December 2014

Xmas Letdown: MARCUS (2006)


USA, 2006
Directors: Bob Hardison
& Rich Robinson


What? You haven't heard of "Marcus"? Don't worry, you're not alone. I never heard of, or seen anything about this movie before - until I stumbled upon it on this "Ultimate Christmas Horror" list. According to Imdb Trivia, it had its fair share of problems regarding production and distribution: budgetary constraints, shortened shooting schedules and bankruptcy by its production company Polychrome Pictures which led to a belated DVD release in 2007, 3 years after the movie was actually finished!

The basic storyline of "Marcus" sounded intriguing enough to make me go check it out: together with his fiancee, his ex-girlfriend and an old friend, a troubled young man returns home for Christmas to reconcile with his estranged sister Brooke. At their arrival, they encounter a young man called Marcus who claims that he is the sister's boyfriend and assures them that she will be home soon. What they don't know: Brooke lies tied up and heavily injured in the bathtub - and Marcus is actually quite a pschopath who has sinister plans for all of them...

Damn, this could have been sooo good if written and directed by someone with a bit more experience in the film business (Fred Walton would have probably been the right choice for that) - unfortunately, it was made by the two debutants Bob Hardison and Rich Robinson who clearly struggled with their own screenplay, as well as with the tight budget/schedule.

It's not a bad movie. There's some badass gore and great use of christmas carols like "What Child Is This?" or "Carol of the Bells". The opening, the climax and several scenes in the middle are all solidly thrilling and show potential, but aside from that, there's too much bad shit going on. Lots of dull and pretty boring scenes, some really poor acting, a highly disapointing ending and... well, every single characters is an asshole, which is amusing at first, but soon becomes very annoying. Recommended only to die-hard fans of all things Yuletide horror.


  1. It is a good creepy idea and might rate a watch if it gets out somewhere - sorry they didn't do all they could with the idea.

    1. Someone should do a remake. The basic idea is great!


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