29 January 2015

AUTEUR (2014)


USA, 2014
Director: George Cameron Romero
(as G. Cameron Romero)


It's always hard to follow in your father's footsteps, especially when your father is the "god of zombies" George A. Romero. And it's even harder when you're not blessed with the talent of your father, in this case the talent of filmmaking. George Cameron Romero's 2009 effort "Staunton Hill" (Review here!) wasn't exactly good, but it was decent enough to watch it, tick it off and forget about it without. However his newest film "Auteur" is so frigging bad, you'll never forget about it.

Based on an interesting screenplay by James Cullen Bressack ("Hate Crime") 
and his regular collaborator JD Fairman, Romero created an immensely awful lowest-budget quasi-mockumentary about a dumb young documentarian in search for a legendary horror filmmaker who mysteriously disappeared after completing his latest feature "Demonic".

Bressack blatantly ripped off of similar-themed movies like "The Hills Run Red" or "Cigarette Burns", but in an intriguing and fascinating way. His screenplay could have easily turned into a damn great film. However, Romero botched it up so bad, the final result is terrifyingly frustrating. No tension or suspense whatsoever. Dull, tedious and way too slow. An odd kind of humor that isn't funny at all. Supposed-to-be-eerie scenes that aren't eerie at all. And - worst of all - some of the most horrid acting I've seen since "Dating a Zombie".

B.J. Hendricks (who played the retard killer in "Staunton Hill") constantly looks as if he has no fucking clue what he's doing here. Ian Hutton seems to have a really hard time deciding between acting and pretending to act (for the greater part of the movie, he prefers to pretend). Eli Jane and Madeline Merritt both don't even try to pretend: they simply have no idea how acting works. And what about the great Tom Sizemore ("Natural Born Killers")? He's just here, playing himself,
waiting for his paycheck.

I could go on and on, but I won't waste your and my time: aside from some atmospheric music, a couple of great shots and the cool story,
"Auteur" is just atrocious.


Oh btw, it's hard to take a movie serious that mistypes his very own star attraction. I guess "Seize" matters...

Oh btw:
Cameron's dad has a little 'cameo' ;-)

Nevertheless, thanks to James Cullen Bressack for the screener!

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