26 January 2015

BENEATH (2013)


German Title:
Beneath - Abstieg in die Finsternis

USA, 2013
Director: Ben Ketai


Behind this unbelievably trite and worn out title hides a tense and well-made chiller, in terms of tone and style slightly similar to underground horror à la "The Descent" or "My Bloody Valentine". The second directorial feature of filmmaker Ben Ketai ("30 Days of Night: Dark Days / Dust to Dust") follows a group of coal miners who get trapped 600 feet below after a disastrous collapse. Cabin fever, madness, toxic air and unexplainable phenonema turn their struggle for survival into a deadly nightmare.

"Beneath" is far from being perfect, due to a [SPOILER] slighty frustrating "Don't Blink"-like no-explanation-ending, a few rather ridiculous scenes and a couple of far-fetched plot elements. Apart from that, I had a scary good time with this flick. It's suspenseful from start to finish, especially in the second half, full of well-developed jump scares and rather brutal kills; claustrophobic, well-lit and eerie-looking locations and many, many really creepy images.

Main actress Molly Hagan's performance felt strange at first, but once her character arrives down below, she suddenly transforms into a force of nature, delivering powerful and extremely believable acting. Rest of the cast is thoroughly solid, most notably genre legend Jeff Fahey ("Psycho III", "Planet Terror"), Brent Briscoe ("Mulholland Drive") and Eric Etebari ("2 Fast 2 Furious"). Camera work and editing are very good. The music is neat, though it should have been
a tad more intense.

All in all, a nice little creepfest that didn't got the recogntion it deserved. Go
check it out, it's worth it!

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  1. I read your spoiler, and it put me off the movie.


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