12 January 2015



USA, 2014
Director: Christopher Denham


2015 is only 12 days old and, believe it or not, we already have our first horror highlight: "Preservation", the second movie of Christopher Denham, writer and director of the 2008 cult shocker "Home Movie", a rough and nifty little chiller, centered around the brothers Sean and Mike + Mike's wife Wit who spend the weekend in a closed nature preserve to do some hunting. What starts out as fun and relaxing weekend, soon becomes a terrifying fight for survival when the trio suddenly gets hunted by a group of masked and merciless maniacs...

"Preservation" could be described as spiritual sequel to "Eden Lake", delivering a similar set-up, slightly similar characters (heroes AND villains), and a similarly sudden from-pleasant-to-brutal change in tone, including harsh wilderness violence in the vein of "Deliverance", cat-and-mouse suspense à la "Ils (Them)", gripping hunting-game awesomeness that reminded me a bit of "Tag: The Assassination Game" and a couple of scenes that make the entire movie look/feel as if "The Strangers" would take place in a forest.

What may sound like an unoriginal conglomerate of several survial-horror tropes, is actually a quick-paced and breathtaking motherfucker of a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat over its entire length, due to Denham's clever writing, his fucking awesome direction, lots of powerful atmosphere and many, many scenes that seem to start out foreseeable, but suddenly take a massive twist, causing the whole thing to go into a completely different direction.

Samuel Jones and Alexis Marsh ("Rogue River") provide the movie with an intense and enthralling electro score that really gave me the chills. There's lots of cool action, powerful tension and some pretty nasty kills, eerie-looking masks, terrifying use of smileys, great-looking, well-shot and excellently used locations (port-a-john, kids museum, forest canal...). Also, top notch acting by Wrenn Schmidt as tough-ass chick and Pablo Schreiber as slightly inscrutable semi-weirdo

A must-see for fans of the above-mentioned films
and/or the survival-horror genre per se!


Thanks to Katie Webb (Prodigy PR) for the screener!


  1. Ooh, it sounds good, and must be worth watching, if you've given it 8/10. Thank you!

  2. This flick was rip-off of the Spanish film, "El Rey De La Montana" with just the ending changed.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. Always wanted to see this movie, but I constantly forget about checking it out.


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