29 January 2015



Alternate Title:
Cameron Romero's Staunton Hill

German Title:
Romero's Staunton Hill

USA, 2009
Director: George Cameron Romero
(as Cameron Romero)


In German-speaking countries this was released as "Romero's Staunton Hill" to make it look as if it was made by Horror godfather George A. Romero himself, when in fact it is the second feature of his son Cameron George Romero.
Fuck you, German distributors.

"Staunton Hill" is yet another entry in Horror's most unoriginal sub-genre "redneck backwoods horror", set in 1969 (for no reason whatsoever), following a couple of cardboard teenagers travelling through Virginia and spending the night at a supposedly abandoned farm that is actually inhabitated by an inbred hick family, consisting of a trigger happy fat Momma, her wheelchair-bound Moonshine-addicted mother and her ugly, constantly horny and bloodhungry retard-son.

Sounds familiar, huh? Right, it's just another carbon copy of movies like "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "Mother's Day", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Wrong Turn" or "House of 1.000 Corpses", adding absolutely nothing to this worn out sub-genre: average teens, your average token black guy, secluded rural settings, racism, cannibalism and mental retardation. Bleh. We've all been there before thousands of times.

Cameron's direction is okay, but he's unable to pull off anything special and to turn the super-weak story / screenplay into something worthwhile. There's nearly nothing that grabs your attention, no surprises, every single semi-plot-twist is foreseeable, especially the one at the end is uber-easy to figure out. Check the scene in the car at the 12-minute mark and you will know how it ends.

Fortunately, it's not totally bad. There's lots of excellently done and gruesome-looking practical gore effects (hands, arms and feets amputated, skinning, decapitation, scalping, electrocution, impaling etc. etc.), a nice guitar-laden score by video game composer Jesper Kyd ("Assassin's Creed"), the pacing is okay, most of the acting is decent and Kathy Lamkin (better known as tea lady in "TCM '03" & "TCM: The Beginning") is once again simply marvellous. All in all: watchable, but far from being a must-see.


  1. "Fuck you, German distributors" Ha!

  2. I like this particular sub genre, so even a run of the mill entry sounds watchable to me.


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