19 February 2015

AVENGED (a.k.a "Savaged")


Alternate Title:

USA, 2013
Director: Michael S. Ojeda


Warning: everyone who is NOT into rape'n'revenge exploitation films, should stay far away from this film. Everyone else: welcome to "Avenged" a.k.a. "Savaged", the second feature film of cinematographer Michael S. Ojeda, an intense, brutal and surprisingly clever low-budget semi-supernatural revenge-horror-thriller, following a deaf woman who gets captured by a couple of vile and abhorrent hillbillies who rape, torture, and bury her alive. Gladly, a local Indian finds her half-dead body and brings her back to life by using Indian magic. During the reanimation, the spirit of a vengeful Apache warrior accidentally enters her body and turns her into an avenging angel, ready to take revenge on her tormentors...

The movie's low budget is very obvious and the few CGI effects look pretty weak, but aside from these trifles, "Avenged" turned out to be a real gem, in tone and theme similar to revenge films like "Night of the Scarecrow", "The Crow" and
"I Spit on Your Grave". It's stunningly directed and paced, tense and atmospheric from beginning to end, and it possesses a fascinating, very well developed and excellently structured storyline.

To my surprise, the movie doesn't focus on the gore / torture / brutality parts even though there's lots of gruesome and shocking scenes - no, "Avenged" focusses on a detailed and quite complex storyline full of interesting plot points and twists, as well as many unexpectedly multidimensional characters. Even the most unbearable assholes here have more depth than in most other similar films. Also, the fact that the movie touches all kinds of difficult topics like social marginalization, discrimination against women, handicapped people, native americans and afroamericans, misogyny and gun fanaticism almost makes this a piece of Anti-America exploitation - remarkable!

Main actress Amanda Adrienne is just marvellous. Seeing her as deaf woman transforming into a wild and rampant force of nature is just breathtaking. Love the scene where she pulls the cop's intestines out, or the insane finale where she fights against a chainsaw-wielding uber-hick. Similarly great: the performances by Brionne Davis, Joseph Runningfox or John Charles Meyer. The music by C├ęsar Benito is terrific, at times aggressive, at times immensely emotional, cinematography and editing (both done by Ojeda himself) are spot-on, and the make-up effects look badass. A movie as raw as a punch in the face - wow!

Thanks to October Coast for the screener!


  1. Opening track Rose Is A rose by Amycanbe is terrific as well. Great!

  2. No words can describe on how awesome this movie is.
    This movie was made for ME! 8D


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