05 February 2015

BOUND (1996)


German Title:
Bound - Gefesselt

USA, 1996
Directors: The Wachowski Brothers
(Andy & Larry Wachowski)


Long before the Wachowski Brothers became the Wachowski Siblings... long before they made "The Matrix", one of the greatest science-fiction movies of all time... long before they botched up their own career with pathetic "Matrix" sequels and silly overbudgeted stuff like "Speed Racer"... long before that all happened, they created one of the absoute best thrillers of the 90s: "Bound", the Wachowski's incredible debut, following tough ex con Corky and super-lovely Violet, a lesbian couple that tries to steal $2 million from the Mafia...

"Bound" is such an unbelievably unique movie, I'm still baffled that no other filmmaker dared to copy the film's basic concept, a combination of Mafia thriller, Erotic thriller, Suspense thriller, Lesbian soft porn and Coen-esque film noir, resulting in an irresistebly compelling thrill-ride that starts out sexy and slightly amusing, but ends up gripping, super-violent and splendidly suspenseful.

I remember borrowing the DVD to a good friend of mine a couple of years ago, simply because I wanted him to see it. When he gave it back to me, he said something like "Man, at first I thought you gave me a soft porn, but then after the first half, I slowly realized why you gave this to me." =)

The lesbian sex scenes are so freaking hot, even the best lesbo porn flicks can't compete with the amazingly believable chemistry between Jennifer Tilly ("Bullets Over Broadway") and Gina Gershon ("Killer Joe") who are definitely one of the cutest, coolest and sexiest couples in movie history. Seeing Violet admiring Corky's labrys tattoo, seeing Corky biting Violet's fingers, seeing Violet  giving Corky a 'handjob' - holy damn, now this is what I call hot!!

Next to Tilly and Gershon, there's lots of other amazing actors, like the incredible but still highly underrated and underused Joe Pantoliano ("Memento") as hotheaded mafioso Caesar (what an intense performance!), Richard C. Sarafian ("Bugsy") as awe-inspiring Mafia boss Gino Marzzone, Christopher Meloni ("Carriers") as Gino's son Johnnie, and John P. Ryan ("Runaway Tran") in his final film appearance as Mafia friend Micky Malnato.

Don Davis ("Valentine") delivers a dramatic and nerve-wracking score, Bill Pope's ("Army of Darkness") camera work is impressive and extremely imaginative (lots of superb angles and stunning close-ups), the editing is ace, and the entire set design is just gorgeous as hell. Bonus kudos for the inclusion of Tom Jones' "She's a Lady".

Oh, how do I miss the old Wachowskis... *sigh* Come back, please!

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  1. Love this one! Definitely underrated/appreciated and everyone is great especially JP

    1. Indeed! I wish they quit making sci-fi nonsense and produce something in the vein of Bound...


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