17 February 2015



France, 2014
Directors: Thierry Poiraud & Benjamin Rocher


Watching a Soccer match can be truly horrifying, for example: when the team you're rooting for loses, when the match is so boring you almost fall asleep, when the referee is a fucktard - or when you get forced to watch a match (by your bf? husband? boss? some other jerk? etc.) even though you don't like Soccer at all. 
Now, French filmmakers Thierry Poiraud ("Atomik Circus") and Benjamin Rocher ("The Horde") give us another reason why Soccer can be really horrifying:
because Zombies! 

"Goal of the Dead" follows the premier league team Olympique de Paris on their way to a small team's homeground (Caplongue) for a cup game. There, the supposed-to-be-ordinary match turns into an extraordinary massacre when one of the local players, who accidentally got injected with infected steroids, turns the whole stadium into a living-dead-nightmare...

The basic premise may be a bit silly, but to my surprise, it works much better than expected, thanks to the very well executed concept of splititng the movie into two "halves" (like in a real soccer match), each directed by a different director, as well as by packing it with highly sympathetic characters, great actors like Alban Lenoir ("Gibraltar"), Xavier Laurent ("The Monuments Men") or the gorgeous Tiphaine Davot, and lots of wonderfully hilarious humor. Actually, in terms of humor and badassness, the whole movie somehow feels like a mix of "28 Weeks Later"
and "A Little Bit Zombie".

There's some exceptional cinematography, tons of super-stylish, eye-catching and very well composed shots/images, stunningly-filmed fog-laden stadium settings (Mathias Boucard), an astounding and powerful electro-score with many damn catchy passages (Thomas Couzinier, "Home Sweet Home"), hordes of ace-looking zombies, superb make-up effects, gore, explosions and shit. The two-hour runtime might be a bit too long, but overall, I ended up highly entertained, not bored at all. Thumbs up, France!

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  1. Honestly, if I'd seen this title I wouldn't have looked twice at it.
    I am NOT a fan of soccer!

    I'd definitely watch it for the cinematography and Zombies though, and because you rated it so highly.

    1. Not muvh of a soccer fan either, but the combination zombies & soccer is just hilarious, and to my surprise, it works perfectly.


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