18 February 2015



Alternate German Title:
Storm Warning - Überleben kann tödlich sein

Australia, 2007
Director: Jamie Blanks


After "Urban Legend"-director Jamie Blanks' second feature "Valentine" bombed badly at the box office in 2001, he turned his back on Hollywood and returned to his homeland Australia, spending time with his family for a couple of years - until 2007 when he finally started working on a new film, together with legendary screenwriter Everett De Roche, the genius behind Oz-classics like "Razorback", "Patrick" or "Road Games".

Based on De Roche's "Straw Dogs"-influenced script which was originally written in 1982(!), Blanks created his absolute best film so far (IMHO): "Storm Warning", a highly suspenseful and pretty gruesome Ozploitation semi-backwoods-flick, following a nice yuppie couple on a fishing trip who get lost in a marsh and seek refuge in an isolated farmhouse where they get terrorized by its inhabitants, a raunchy hick and his two slightly demented sons...

What may sound like a textbook example of run-of-the-mill backwoods-horror, is actually a clever and cunning little shocker somewhere between "Wolf Creek", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and the above-mentioned "Straw Dogs". Starts out slow but atmospheric out on the sea and in the marshlands, gets dark and grim in the farmhouse on the island, and ends with a terrifying climax full of badass action, glorious gore and pretty insane violence.

There's a scene in the begining where we get to see the couple drifting deeper and deeper into the marsh. It's only 3 minutes long, accompanied by moody music and without any dialogue, but it's so goddamn intense and it perfectly sets the mood for what's to come [SPOILERS]: a huge marihuana plantation, a house full of nude posters, sex dolls and... um, bestiality, dead kangaroos, blood-hungry Rottweilers, death by fishing rods/hooks, death by hovercraft, or - best of all - semi-castration by some kinda self-made "vagina dentata". There's lots of blood, gore and shocks throughout the film, but the anti-rape penis-destruction scene
is just genius!

The farmhouse settings and the eerie marsh-locations on French Island look just marvellous. Cinematography is great (Karl von Moller, "Long Weekend"), the editing is terrific (Geoff Hitchins, "The Outback") and Blanks' very own score is simply marvellous and effective as hell. The entire cast is awesome and all of the 5 actors deliver stunning performances, especially the incredibly grgeous Nadia Farès ("The Crimson Rivers"), the outstanding John Brumpton ("The Loved Ones") and David Lyons ("Swerve").

If you like Australian horror or Ozploitation in general, this is a must-see.

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  1. Definitely the reason mr blanks need to do more horror flicks ( I personally love all of his movies. Even Valentine)

    1. Aside from the dull "Long Weekend" remake, I also love all oh his films - even "Valentine" ^^


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