09 March 2015

James Cullen Bressack's PERNICIOUS


USA, 2015
Director: James Cullen Bressack


His last work "Blood Lake" wasn't exactly my cuppa, but now Bressack is back (and back on form) with an excellently diverting horror flick that definitely ranks among his best work: "Pernicious", a fun little ghost/gore-fest AND homage to contemporary Asian horror, following three hot American babes on their holiday in Thailand where they come into contact with a mysterious gold statue and the spirit of a murdered child, longing for revenge.

"Pernicious" is far from being original and borrows/steals a bit too much from other films, especially from classic J-horror flicks like "Ju-On: The Grudge" or torture porn classics like "Hostel" - but due to Bressacks spot-on direction, I ended up enjoying this little low-budget flick a lot. From the very beginning, I was drawn to the screen and into the cliché-ridden, but well-developed, well-written story, thanks to the slow but intriguing and highly gripping build-up.

There's lots of effective jump scares (most of them work really good!), a few slightly surprising plot twists, many tense, thrilling scenes and an unexpectedly high amount of brilliantly brutal and gloriously graphic gore effects. Eyeballs and tongues ripped out, fingernails and toes ripped off, throats and bellies cut open... it's a fucking blood orgy, and it's bloody awesome!

The J-horror-like scenes are a tad stupid, but they're effective and they made me chuckle, especially the bathtub scene. Also hilarious: the nod to the "Last Exorcism" poster with the gostly gold statue lurking in in the corner of a room near the ceiling (see below). The performances by Ciara Hanna ("Blood Lake"), Emily O'Brien ("Séance") and Jackie Moore ("Atlantic Rim") are superb, music and camera work are great, and the ending is just cool.

Gore-licious. Scare-licious. Babe-licious. Fun!


Thanks to James Cullen Bressack for the screener!


  1. Mmm...gory-licious! You think I should cover this movie?

    1. What did you cover it in?I'd go for chocolate and whipped cream.


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