23 March 2015

Project Terrible: "CREATURE FROM THE HAUNTED SEA" (Chilling 20 Movies Pack, #17)

Michele (The Girl Who Loves Horror) has a track record of giving me supposed-to-be-terrible movies that aren't terrible at all - but this time, she finally gave me something that I really, really disliked. Yes, it's a Roger Corman film... and no,
it's not good at all...


USA, 1961
Director: Roger Corman


I wouldn't call myself a die-hard Roger Corman fan, but I can wholeheartedly say that I dig most of his directorial efforts, be it his monster flicks, Poe-adaptations or his horror-comedies - but this one... uh-uh. No way, Jose. I couldn't do anything with this piece of junk.

Looking through all the reviews on Imdb and other sites, I seem to be in good company as it is obviously Corman's most unpopular movie. There are a couple of peeps out there hailing it as Corman's most underrated, most misunderstood movie - but the majority couldn't care less. "Creature from the Haunted Sea" 
is a real stinker, failing to be both a parody on spy/secret agents films
and monster movies.

The movie was the last of three horror/comedy-collaborations between Corman and screenwriter Charles B. Griffith. The first two collabos were both super-hilarious films that eventually became all-time genre classics ("A Bucket of Blood" & "Little Shop of Horrors"), but this one ended up as a disaster, cinematically and financially, mainly because the marketing sold it as mystery thriller, complete with misleading taglines on the posters like "What was the unspeakable secret of the SEA OF LOST SHIPS?" and "Please do not give away the answer to the secret."

There's a guy who only talks in animal noises, one of the most ridiculous-looking monsters in film history (just look at the ludicrous Ping Pong eyes!!), lots of unfunny shenanigans with silly gangsters and even sillier Cuban governments, a stupid running gag with a sleeping man who constantly knocks himself unconscious etc. etc. It's all supposed to be amusing, but I wasn't able to laugh at all this rubbish. The funny parts aren't funny at all, the pacing is dreadfully slow, and the direction is just shoddy.

The two only good things about it: the animated opening and some fun with names ["The big cheese was Renzo Capetto, alias Capo Rosetto, alias Ratto Pazetti, alias Zeppo Staccato alias Shirley Lamour. (...) Mary-Belle Monahan, alias Mary-Monahan Belle, alias Belle-Mary Monahan, alias Monahan Marybelle."]. As for the rest, this is actually such a bad movie, it's shocking. Corman WTF??

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