12 March 2015

Shameless Promotion for Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo's "AMONG THE LIVING (Aux Yeux des Vivants)"

In 2013, I supported the crowdfunding campaign for Julien Maury & Alexandre Bustillo's "AMONG THE LIVING (Aux Yeux des Vivants)" with about 35 dollars. As a thank you, I received a DVD of the film, a CD of the film's soundtrack and an entry in the end credits *YAY*

That, the fact that I'm a huge fan of Maury & Bustillo's work, and the fact that director Maury called me a producer during the interview I did with him at last year's /Slash Filmfestival, made me aware that I have to support this movie a little more and do at least one more post about it.

No, "Among The Living" isn't as mindblowing as the directors' previous masterpieces "Inside" and "Livid", but it's still a fantastic little piece of Euro horror that also works perfectly as homage to 80s classics like "Stand By Me" or "The Goonies". Since last year's /Slash Filmfestival (Review here!), I saw it three more times and I still like it as much as I did in the first place

To all of you who are/were talking/asking about any release information on various Imdb/Facebook boards: yes, "Among The Living" is already out on DVD in France and in Germany/Austria/Switzerland. Unfortunately, if you live outside these countries and wanna buy/order/import one of these DVDs:

- The French DVD only has French subtitles / language options.
- The German DVD only has German / French language options and German subtitles.

No English options whatsoever. Quite a bummer for non-German/French fans of Maury & Bustillo's work, especially because there's some really cool features on the DVD, like "Bedtime Stories", a comic book in the vein of "Tales from the Crypt" or "The Vault of Horror"...

 ...and a fascinating selection of storyboards, pre-production artworks and promo posters.

 The official DVD artworks are neat...

...but there are actually better-looking promo / fan posters to find on the internet, like these:

There are rumours about a possible US release close to Maury & Bustillo's upcoming "Leatherface", but... well, rumours are rumours. Until then you either have to wait patiently, or try to 'quick-learn' German / French ;-)


  1. I love all the fan posters!
    It's a shame the film doesn't have an English subtitled option.

    Hooray for having your name in the end credits! :D

    1. Well, let's hope it gets an English subtitled / dubbed release soon... *fingers crossed*


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