02 April 2015

"DRIVE-IN MASSACRE" (Chilling Classics 50 Movies Pack, #50)

After a long, long pause, the movie-pack reviews are finally back!! *yay* 

Believe it or not: I actually finished this review more than 10 months ago(!!), and since then, I also managed to finish watching and reviewing an entirely new pack(!!) - but over the last months, there was so much other stuff to do (festivals, screeners, blogfests...), I simply had absolutely no time to edit and post any new movie-pack-shenanigans...

...but now that Spring has started and things have calmed down, I'm finally ready to rock my blog with plenty of very extensive movie pack reviews *wahoo* The review below is the 50th movie in the "Chilling Classics 50 Movies Pack". You can find the reviews for the other 49 movies here!

There will be a best/worst-Chilling-Classics-post next week and soon after, we gonna start with a new movie pack marathon: the "Chilling 20 Movies Pack". Good times! :-)


German Titles:
Drive-In Killer - Massaker im Autokino
/ Drive-In Massacre - Blutbad im Autokino

USA, 1977
Director: Stu Segall


There comes a point in any porn-film director's career when he needs a break from all the porn and starts shooting horror films instead. Horror/porn/erotica-legends Joe D'Amato and Jess Franco did it all the time, while peeps like Armand Weston ("The Nesting") or Hal Freeman ("Blood Frenzy") did it only once. Same for Stu Segall who thought it would be a good thing to shoot a little gorefest in between "Spirit of Seventy Sex" (1976) and "Let's Play Doctor" (1977).

The result: "Drive-In Massacre", one of the shoddiest and dumbest pre-80s slasher flicks, following a mysterious serial killer who regularly stalks some drive-in theater where he randomly kills people with a huge sword(!). The premise is admittably pretty fun (Remake plz!) and hell, the double-murder opening is surprisingly badass (Beheading + slashed throat), but nearly everything else
about it just sucks.

Countless non-actors playing idiotic characters stumbling around ugly drive-in settings, stupid detectives, bland pregnant girls, a slightly annoying mentally challenged janitor called Germy and the drive-in manager who looks like an old and frustrated pimp. Veteran actor George 'Buck' Flower (who also co-wrote the script!) is the only capable actor here, but his performance is wasted and his semi-red-herring appearance just makes no fucking sense whatsoever.

Segall's direction is awkward and all over the place, the music is either distracting or either unintentionally amusing, and the screenplay is pure rubbish. Also, the ultra-low budget is very obvious and the kills could have been way more fun if the gore effects wouldn't look so fake. The ending is an absurd joke, but an amusing one. Also, lots of hilarious dialogue ("I just wanted to beat my meat!" / "Do you have many friends Germy?" - "Leedo & Hobo. They were the elephants at the carnival.") and at least one bare boob.

Recommended to fans of low-grade exploitation cinema and freaks who need to see every sasher ever made (I know plenty of these peeps!).


  1. Wasn't there like a throwback slasher called Drive-In? I believe it was released in 2000, I better get that reviewed.

    As for this movie...nonononononono no no no nope...>8u

    1. Yes, there was, but I haven't seen it yet: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0231496/reference

      Yeah, Drive-in Massacre suck quite a lot. I prefer Drive-Thru :)

  2. "There comes a point in any porn-film director's career when he needs a break from all the porn and starts shooting horror films instead." Priceless! :-)


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