27 May 2015



Working Title:
The Morris Family Abduction

German Title:
Brown Mountain - Alien Abduction

USA, 2014
Director: Matty Beckerman


I already talked about the troubles with recent alien-abduction-themed movies in my "The Encounter" review, so I don't wanna talk about it again :-P Fact is: "Alien Abduction" [not to be confused with the 1998 made-for-TV movie of the same name] is just another unoriginal cliché-fest about people getting abducted by non-creepy-looking extraterrestrials, all filmed found-footage-style *yawn*

To be fair, Matty Beckerman's debut feature isn't exactly bad, and he himself isn't a hack. He's just not as talented as he probably believes he is. You can easily see that he tried to be at least a bit creative, creating a story expanding on an old North-Carolina-based legend about mysterious lights in the sky, focusing on semi-believable characters, delivering a good deal of suspense and action.

The first half hour is actually quite terrific: a superb build-up, many tense and gripping scenes, a few good jump scares and splendid use of some creepy old tunnel. The characters are solid, the camera work is neat and the explanation of why all the events get filmed is actually pretty clever (autistic kid who is basically communicating to the world via his video camera). Oh, there's also a cute owl making a "The-Fourth-Kind"-like appearance!

Sadly, after the first half hour, "Alien Abduction" starts to drag and drag, due to too many slow and super-tedious scenes, too many boring and totally uninteresting dialogue sequences, and various highly predictable alien attacks. No more suspense or tension, hardly anything eerie or scary. The quality of acting varies noticeably from decent to god-awful, the few special effects look really shabby and the half-assed we-didn't-even-try-to-be-original ending is so frustratingly bland, you beg for some aliens to arrive and take you with them.

Watchable, but... damn, it could have been sooo much better...

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