17 May 2015

AMOR ETERNO (/SLASH 1/2 Mini-Festival, 2015)


International Title:
Everlasting Love

Spain, 2014
Director: Marçal Forés


I went into this film with absolutely no expectations because I didn't know anything about it, never heard of it before, never heard of any of the filmmakers involved - and fortunately, I got rewarded with an interesting and unexpectedly fascinating cinematic indie-surprise, that starts out as gay love-drama about a young student who falls in love with a middle-aged teacher, and ends up as artsy low-budget shocker, somewhere between home-invasion horror and cannibal drama.

Marçal Forés' third directorial feature is an odd and somehow extremely difficult movie, with great performances by Joan Bentallé and Aimar Vega, developed in a highly unconventional style that takes some getting used to. Long shots and pretty calm sequences with little or no dialogue, alternate with amusing music-video-like scenes or unexpectedly experimental moments. For the majority of the movie, I was fascinated by this weird style, especially because, contrary to my buddy Christian, I wasn't able to foresee what happens next.

There's a long, dark and slightly uncanny gay-sex-in-a-car scene, shot without any noticeable cuts, a scene so fucking impressive, I'd say it's one of the most erotic things I've seen since the incredible car-sex scene in "Here Comes The Devil". There's many weird but beautifully shot scenes of random people having sex in a forest, outstanding use of stunningly aggressive electronic music, various uber-creepy locations, a kid whistling in a chillingly scary way somewhere in the deep of the forests, and a super-harsh ending including a genius shocker-plot-twist + most entertaining ending credits since "The Baron".

Unfortunately, the finale was a bit too slow, long and tedious for my taste. Considering how much suspense and intensity was going on beforehand, the last third was a letdown, and while it didn't ruin the movie, it definitely toned down my initial excitement. Still, "Amor Eterno" is something you don't get to see that often, and it gave me a damn great time. Thumbs up!

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