25 June 2015



USA, 2014
Director: Casey La Scala


When I first heard of this movie, I already knew I wouldn't like it, but some strange curiosity in me decided to check it out either way. Well, as expected, I didn't lke it: "The Remaining" is a Christian horror/disaster-film following a couple of friends who seek shelter in a church and try to survive the worst catastrophe in history of mankind: the Rapture! Yes, good old God pulls out his trumpets and turns the entire world into one huge bad-weather area.

No, this movie clearly wasn't made for me. I consider myself as a liberal but cynical 'agnostic atheist' with little or no interest in all things god, bible or church. "The Remaining" was clearly made for theists and (hardcore) christians who believe that it makes sense to choose god and to live a Christian life. From the very beginning of the movie, director Casey La Scala (who co-produced a few damn fine movies over the last decade, like "Donnie Darko" or "Cypher") and screenwriter Chris Dowling (who hasn't done anything worthwhile so far) let us know that this is a movie about church life, about belief, about god. If you're into this, you might have a good time but I was quickly annoyed by it, especially during the second half where the religious talk goes on for like forever.

The catastrophe scenes look all excellent and rather believable (hail, fire, earthquake, winged demons...), the entire movie is very well shot with stunning cinematography and gorgeously composed images by Doug Emmett ("Paranormal Activity 4") and sublime half-bombastic-half touching music by Nathan Whitehead ("The Purge 1+2") - but that's where the awesomeness ends. Nearly all of the characters are pretty unsympathetic, most of the acting is pretty lame (especially cutie Liz E. Morgan who didn't even try), there's hardly any tension/suspense, lots of badly paced and ultra-boring scenes, and the few found-footage-style scenes look like they were simply ripped off of "Cloverfield" and "[REC]".

If you're a religious person, believer, bible-thumper etc. and/or if you're a fan of 'Rapture-sploitation' in general ("Left Behind", "The Leftovers" or, erm, "Red State"...), you obviously have to see this. Everyone else: stay far away.


  1. Hmm, no. This doesn't sound like my cup of tea either.

  2. Hey Maynard, I hope all is well.

    I have no way of contacting you other than here in your comments, as all my email contacts have been wiped out, and I no longer use FB (other than the business page).

    I think I may have the wrong home address written down for you, because the Nemi package was returned to my sorting office as 'undelivered'. Which is fine, because I have something else I was hoping to send to you anyway and I can resend them together.

    Could you drop me an email with your home/P.O.Box address, please, and let me know if you're ready for new blog banners yet.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

    1. Hey Yvonne! I just sent you an email :)


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