24 July 2015

A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING (+ some trivia about "Kula Shaker")


German Title:
Die f├╝rchterliche Furcht vor dem F├╝rchterlichen

UK, 2012
Directors: Crispian Mills,
Chris Hopewell (co-director)


Kula Shaker... you know them, right? What? You don't know Kula Shaker? How could you? Well... ok, they aren't that famous anymore, but for a short time in the 90s, they were one of the biggest and most popular Britpop bands, reaching the #1 position in the UK charts in 1996 with their brilliant debut album "K", selling 250.000(!) copies in one week.

After a few Top 5 singles (hits like "Tattva", "Govinda" or the famous Deep Purple cover "Hush") and a second album (the brilliant "Peasants, Pigs & Astronauts", sadly nowhere near as successful as its predecessor), they split in 1999 - only to reform in 2006 and subsequently release two more albums ("Strangefolk", 2007 & "Pilgrims Progress", 2010).
You may ask why I'm telling you all this trivia (aside from the fact that I'm a HUGE Kula Shaker fan...)? Well, because just a couple of years ago, the singer of Kula Shaker, Crispian Mills (son of Golden Globe awarded actress Hayley Mills) collaborated with music video director Chris Hopewell (Radiohead, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand...) and everyone's favorite British comedian Simon Pegg to create his very first feature film "A Fantastic Fear of Everything", an odd and really silly but pretty darn entertaining horror-comedy (admittably more comedy than horror), following a children's author turned crime novelist whose intense research about Victorian serial killers has turned him into an anxious and paranoid wreck.

If you watch it without expecting it to be the next "Shaun of the Dead", you get rewarded with a nicely amusing Brit-comedy, full of quirky humor, bizarre ideas, cool-looking dream sequences, splendind animations and many, many hilarious lines ("I didn't mean to become a children's author. It was a terrible accicent!"). Simon Pegg delivers a fabulous over-the-top performance that sometimes reminded me of classic Louis de Funes, sometimes of Steve Martin in "The Man with Two Brains". He's grinning, screaming, making outrageous grimaces, trying to keep his cool by wearing awkward coats, mumbling Gangsta Rap tunes whilst at the same time being deeply afraid of laundrettes, accidentally superglueing a kitchen knife to his hand, accidentally burning his laundry in the oven etc. etc. It's all a bit absurd, but it works because Pegg is simply a genius.

There's lots of great musical choices throughout the movie like "I See You" (The Pretty Things), "The Final Countdown" (Europe) or "Wrong Nigga 2 Fuck Wit" (Ice Cube). More great acting from Paul Freeman ("Hot Fuzz"), Clare Higgins ("Hellraiser 1+2") and some cool bloke named Alan Drake as serial killer Perkins. Pacing and direction are good, and apart from a few rather annoyingly tedious scenes in the third act, there's nothing boring going on here. Kudos to the beautiful production design (done by Hopewell himself) and the lovely cinematography by music-viceo-cameraman Simon Chaudoir ("Come to Daddy" by Aphex Twin / "Only You" by Portishead).

If you're a fan of Pegg or Kula Shaker or British comedy per se, you should definitely check this out. If not... well, you should still check it out. It's fun! :)


  1. I think I heard of this one! Not sure if I'll see it, but I guess I could give it a swing.

  2. I loved it!
    Sadly here in Italy it has not been distributed..

  3. I liked this movie but had no idea it was from the Kula guy. Great band

  4. That Simon Pegg! He turns up everywhere! I might check this one out if it shows up on one of my streaming services.

    1. The reason is simple: Pegg is just awesome! ;)


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