03 July 2015

Bruno Mattei's "TERMINATOR 2"


Alternate Titles:
Terminator II / Shocking Dark / Alienators / Aliens 2

German Title:
Contaminator ...die Mordmaschine aus der Zukunft

Italy, 1990
Director: Bruno Mattei


Exactly one year before the world got amazed by the greatest and most impressive action film of all time, James Cameron's "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", our favorite Italian schlock-filmer Bruno Mattei ("Hell of the Living Dead") already did a... erm, sequel to the groundbreaking 1984 stunner
"The Terminator"...

"Terminator 2" (also know as "Shocking Dark" or "Alienators", two titles that actually much, much better...), a super-silly piece of low-budget sci-fi trash, taking place in a polluted future Venice that is packed to the brim with weird monsters and awkward cyborgs. Beware: this is NOT a sequel to "The Terminator"! It's more like a blatant and brazen ripoff of "Aliens", including many scenes and sequences that were ripped off of "Alien" and "Terminator", plus some recycled footage from Mattei's very own action-fest "Double Target" (1987).

"Terminator 2" is actually 80 minutes of fog, bright lights, people with guns running through endless corridors and hallways, more fog, dumb dialogue, even more fog and some of the goofiest alien-creatures I've seen in a long time. The direction is as weak as you expect it from 80s Mattei, and the poorly written screenplay of Claudio "Troll 2" Fragasso is an absolute disgrace. If you look for originality, look elsewhere. You won't find it here.

It's fun to see how Mattei desperately tried to create some tension out of the laughable script, but due to the fact that most scenes are identical to "Aliens", and due to the fact that we've all seen "Aliens" millions of times, none of the supposed-to-be-tense scenes work because we basically seen them all before. "Shocking Dark"? Nah, shockingly boring AND shockingly predictable.

Furthermore, all of the characters are hilariously terrible "Aliens"/"Terminator" knock-offs: Ripley and Newt became Sara and Samantha (both played by ultra-lame one-time actors), Vasquez became Koster (poorly played by Geretta Geretta from "Demons"), and non-actor Christopher Ahrens gives a ridiculously bad T-800 imitation. Hell, they even turned the Weyland-Yutani corporation into the Tubular corporation (Mike Oldfield anyone?).

Make-up and special effects all look terribly cheap, the score is a lousy synth-keyboard cacophony (Carlo Maria Cordi, "Troll 2"), and the editing is simply laughable. Aside from some mildly gorgeous shots, some eerie settings and a few quite entertaining scenes, there's not much worth mentioning.

Wanna see a good Italian "Terminator" ripoff? Watch "Hands of Steel".
Wanna see a good "Aliens" ripoff? Watch Mattei's very own "Zombies: The Beginning".

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  1. I wish DrunkethWizard and I both owned this.

    1. I watched it for you, so you don't have to :D

  2. My favorite Terminator knock-off easily is LADY TERMINATOR... I didn't even know THIS one existed!

    1. Ha, I remember the Lady Terminator VHS from the rental store days. Never seen it. need to check it out!

  3. Those Italians really liked to make rip-offs. I guess there are not as much copyright restrictions there.


    1. I guess they simply gave a fuck about the copyrights =D

  4. I've got this one. It's hilariously bad.


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