19 August 2015

Horror Movie Diary quoted on the cover of "HAZARD"

Yes, my dear readers, it happened again. My little Horror Movie Diary was quoted on yet another DVD!!!

It was in July 2013 when director Lou Simon sent me a screener of her badass slasher "HAZMAT". I loved the movie and wrote a glowing 8,5/10 review. A couple of months later, in February 2014, PR company Greenleaf + Associates sent me another screener, and because I loved the movie so much, I wrote a second review :)

[ Review #1 and Review #2

Now, the movie was released in U.K. under the title "HAZARD", and holy shit: there are TWO(!!) of my quotes on the cover, though, for whatever reason, both are from Review #1.

They left "Tense and Suspenseful" unaltered, but they turned the phrase
"a gripping and excellently thrilling psychological cat-and-mouse slasher" into
"A Gripping and Thrilling Psychological Horror". Well, I'm perfectly
okay with that :D


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