18 August 2015

R.I.P David A. Prior

Legendary low-budget filmmaker DAVID A. PRIOR passed away only one day after his 59th birthday. The official cause is not yet known.

Prior kicked off his career in 1983 with the legendary slasher flick "Sledge Hammer",
which was probably the very first shot-on-video slasher ever. Since then, he was involved in directing, writing and producing more than 30 horror, science-fiction and action films. Together with actor/filmmaker David Winters, he founded the production / distribution company Action International Pictures (AIP) which produced and/or distributed about 50 films between 1986 and 1994.

Next to "Sledge Hammer", his best and/or most popular and/or best-known films are the hilarious aerobic-slasher "Aerobicide" (1987, a.k.a "Killer Workout"), the even more hilarious Vietnam-themed "Deadly Prey" (1987), the David-Carradine-led sci-fi/action trash-fest "Future Force" (1989) and its sequel "Future Zone" (1990), the war-vampire-fest "The Lost Platoon" (1991), the Pamela-Anderson-led action thriller "Raw Justice" (1994) and the war-horror rubbish "Zombie Wars" (2007, a.k.a "War of the Living Dead").

Rest in Peace, David A. Prior
1956 - 2015


  1. I always liked seeing his movies sitting on video store shelves - though I didn't rent all of them. RIP.


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