20 September 2015

BLOODY KNUCKLES (/Slash Filmfestival 2015)


Canada, 2014
Director: Matt O'Mahoney


"Bloody Knuckles" is the latest entry in the, erm, severed-hand horror-subgenre (you know, semi-classics like "The Hand", "Idle Hands", "Demonoid: Messenger of Death" or "And Now the Screaming Starts"), following underground comic-book artist Travis who gets his drawing hand chopped off by a Chinatown crime boss and his cronies who feel offended by Travis' extremely obscene comics. Luckily, the severed hands comes back from the grave and takes revenge on the baddies...

You could easily pass it off as trashy horror-comedy if it wouldn't try sooo fucking hard to ram a freedom-of-speech message down your throat, which makes it almost unenjoyable, at least for me. Although there's lots of fun gore and practical effects, silly characters and supposed-to-be-amusing dialogue, director/writer Matt O'Mahoney focuses so strongly on the cry for freedom of self-expression, you could easily call this "Charlie Hebdo - The Movie" or "Je Suis Charlie Canadien".

It would have worked so much better with a darker, more serious tone, or at least as a disturbingly offensive comedy - unfortunately, O'Mahoney didn't dare to go offensive and decided to do it in a slightly Troma-esque trash-comedy style that is both harmless and forgettable because there's nothing funny and nothing that stays in your mind. A retarded boy who drinks poison and ends up looking like "The Toxic Avenger"? A Nazi-dildo with a Swastika on it that makes "Sieg Heil" when you push a button? Ahahaha, very amusing. Really.

 The acting is decent, though nearly all of the characters are bland and fogettable (sole exception: Kasey Ryne Mazak as quite cool villain). The effects look neat, but often a bit too cheap, too tacky for my taste. The direction is lackluster, the pacing is too slow, and the story is too foreseeable. Do yourself a favor and watch a couple of "Addams Family" episodes instead, or at least any of the above-mentioned severed-hand films instead.


Thanks to Saskia Pramstaller (Die Halbstarken) for the festival-screener!


  1. Ha! I'll stick with The Addams Family then.

    Loving your reviews and looking forward to your next instalment.

  2. Addams Family FTW! I will add The Hand and The Crawling Hand to your list.

  3. Looks like we have some Addams Family fans here :)


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