22 September 2015

DEATHGASM (/Slash Filmfestival 2015)


New Zealand, 2015
Director: Jason Lee Howden


"Deathgasm" is the debut feature of New Zealand filmmaker Jason Lei Howden, following two metal-loving boys who, after forming a band with fellow misfits called, well, "Deathgasm", and stealing the sheet music for some kinda black mass, accidentally summon a powerful ancient demon AND turn their whole hometown into raging maniacs. Shit happens!

You don't need to be a metalhead to watch this movie, although I'm sure it helps because this movie is totally aimed at people who dig all things metal. To make it clear, I like Metal and I'm a big fan of bands like Opeth, Bolt Thrower or Blind Guardian, but I like sooo many other musical genres as well, and I always thought that listening to too much metal is quite tiring - just like "Deathgasm" is actually a bit tiresome.

Don't get me wrong: it's a highly amusing flick, packed with funny gags and hilarious lines, wonderfully silly metal hoaxes (one of the band's songs is called "Intestinal Bungy Jump") and lots of nods to gore-classics like "Braindead" or "The Evil Dead", but director / writer Howden's creativity is simply too huge and there was no-one to stop him from putting all of his ideas into this movie, so, as hilarious as the first half is, the second half quickly becomes tedious and way too over-the-top, because there's just too much of everything. Too much silly humor, too many uber-bizarre kills, too much fun-with-metal.

I also thought that the screenplay is too foreseeable, and the basic plot is disappointingly unoriginal and reminded me too much of 80s rock/metal-horror classics like "Trick or Treat" or "Black Roses". Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it. The acting is thoroughly good, the insane amount of good ol' Peter-Jackson-like practical effects is awesome, the soundtrack is badass and several scenes like the 'decapitation repetition', the icecream-in-the-park scene or the outrageous scenes where we get to see what goes on in a metalhead's head when he listens to his music via headphones, made me laugh like crazy.

Final verdict: solid New Zealandian horror comedy, but I enjoyed "Housebound" and "What We Do In The Shadows" much, much more.


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