16 September 2015

Pics and Clips of Maynard's first On-Screen Acting Appearance :)

Now that the movie is finally out on DVD, I can show you pics and clips of me as an, erm, background actor.

Yes, little Maynard was an extra in "DAS EWIGE LEBEN" (=The Eternal Life), the 4th adaptation of Wolf Haas' immensely popular crime fiction series about detective Simon Brenner ["Komm, süßer Tod" (=Come, sweet Death | 2000), "Silentium" (=Silence | 2004) and "Der Knochenmann" (=The Bone Man | 2009)]

"Das ewige Leben" is the most successful Austrian movie of 2015 so far, and it's also already among the 10 most successful Austrian films of all time - and lucky me had the chance to be part of it, at least in two scenes.

Enjoy! :)

#1. Guest at birthday party, singing "Happy Birthday".

#2. Walking from a bar to a table, while the main actor (Josef Hader) walks past the other party guests.


  1. Y'know, this is how most actors start out...most successful actors start out ;)

    1. Well, I don't plan on being an actor, but I appreciate the hint ;-)

  2. That's awesome! The first two movies I was an extra in - I was only able to be spotted in one shot between the two movies. Look at you being completely spottable! Did you enjoy the production process at all?

  3. Yeah, it was really fun! A bit cold because night shoot, a bit exhausting because late (first day: 6pm-2am / second day: 6pm-4am), but all in all, a great experience!


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