14 September 2015



UK, 2014
Director: David Ryan Keith


"The Redwood Massacre" is the second feature film by Scottish director David Ryan Keith ("Attack of the Herbals"), basically your average backwoods slasher, but with a neat backstory and an awfully cool killer, following five friends on a trip to the Redwood House, a legendary murder site and home to many urban legends. What begins as a fun camping trip, soon descends into chaos when the campers realize that the legend is bloody reality...

Although it has got plenty of negative reviews and "bad press" so far, I just couldn't help enjoying this little flick. It's a solid and actually pretty well-made little slasher, neatly written, competently directed, gorgeously shot, full of beautiful images of the Scottish countryside and eerie abandoned places. Of course, it's far away from being innovative or groundbreaking, but good enough to give you a bloody fun time.

 There's lots of killing and going on and an amount of blood and gore that is so ridiculouly high, it's insane. According to Imdb Trivia, the filmmakers used over a 100 pints of fake blood = awesome! Okay, the killing methods might be not that original, but the red-juice-overload totally makes up for that. Same goes for the killer who's just awesome. He not just uses nearly every weapon that is available, he sometimes even uses his own bare fists to knock the bloody shit out of
the campers. Yay!

The cast is nice, the acting is decent (most notably the cuddly Lisa Cameron in her kewt veggie-dino-shirt) and all characters are kinda likable, even the one who's supposed to be an uber-bitch (Lisa Livingstone). However, probably the best thing about "The Redwood Massacre" is its fascinating backstory which includes a "Husk"-like scarecrow (I'm a sucker for all things scarecrows!) and a farmer who goes batshit insane on his own family. Also, Leah Kardos' violin-driven musical score is riveting and powerful.

As for the negative, the movie is crammed to the brim with completely worn out slaher clich├ęs, all of the characters constantly make horribly stupid decisions, large parts of the movie are incredibly predictable and the climax is way, WAY too long. It just won't stop and seem to go on for like forever without delivering a fully satisfying end. I strongly hoped that the finale would hark back to the backstory, but it just ends with a not-that-original last scene and a cheesy one-liner.

Nevertheless, overall, I had a good time with "The Redwood Massacre" - and with low expectations and an open mind, you slasher fans out there should enjoy it too!

Thanks to Clint Morris (October Coast PR) for the screener!


  1. Well, we all have our forgiving streak; mine's for The Gallows, your's with...The Redwood Massacre...

  2. This sounds like it's worth watching.

    Awesome review, as always :)

  3. Horrible acting and the movie just sucks....

  4. Sounds good enough to make it on the To Watch list.


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