19 October 2015

"BLOOD TIDE" (Chilling 20 Movies Pack, #16)


Alternate Titles:
Bloodtide / Demon Island

German Titles:
Die Gezeiten des Blutes / Das Monster aus der Tiefe / Gezeiten des Todes

Greece / UK, 1982
Director: Richard Jefferies
(as Richard Jeffries)


I know I'm in the minority, but holy shit, I really, really enjoyed this movie, even though I'm not entirely sure why. "Blood Tide" is the directorial debut of screenwriter / producer Richard Jefferies ("Scarecrows", "Cold Creek Manor"), co-written and produced by by Greek exploitation legend Nico Mastorakis ("Island of Death", "The Zero Boys"), telling the story of a Greek island that was once terrorized by a sea monster. The only way to stop its bloodshed was to offer a virgin girl as a sacrifice to it.

Present time: an alcoholic Shakespeare-quoting treasure hunter awakes the creature from its grave which soon goes on a bloody rampage and spreads terror among a couple of grumpy islanders, a bunch of old nuns, a newlywed couple and the husband's super-weird sister.
I admit, this all sounds pretty silly, and at times, it IS pretty silly - but thanks to Jefferies' pretty splendid direction, lots of creepy atmosphere, and striking use of haunting images and eerie settings, the whole thing worked for me just perfect.

Ok, it's a bit frustrating that we get to see the monster only for a couple of moments, but there's so much more awesome stuff in "Blood Tide", the absence of the monster was easy to get over with. There's rituals and 'sacrifice games' that strongly reminded of "The Wicker Man". Several plot elements seem to have been inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow over Innsmouth". The stunning opening scene evoked flashbacks to the immensely underrated late 80s Italo-flick "Maya" (yes, another movie that reminds me of "Maya"), and throughout the movie, there were many, many eerie moments that reminded me of slightly similar island-themed horror films like "Anthropophagus" or "The Slayer".

Jerry Mosely's ("Frightmare") uncanny score gave me a chilling good time, Aris Stavrou's ("El Greco") cinematography is gorgeous, scenes like the one in the underwater cave with the mystical fog or the 'fake communion / sacrifice' are just wow, and there's also plenty of gore and dead bodies. The acting isn't too special, but decent enough, especially the performances by José Ferrer, Mary Louise Weller and James Earl Jones (best known as "Darth Vader").
Not for everyone, but I liked it!


  1. I've seen this movie like a Zillion times, every cheap movie pack has it on it. Plus I got to see it on the Drive-in, which was a fun popcorn time.

    1. I've seen it for the very first time. I own my fair share of movie packs, but it's not in any of them, except in this pack.

  2. We agree on so many movies, it always surprises me when we don't. I have this in at least one cheapie pack - and I thought it was pretty boring.


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