13 October 2015



Alternate Title:
E.N.D. - The Movie

Italy, 2015
Directors: Federico Greco,
Luca Alessandro, Allegra Bernardoni
& Domiziano Christopharo


In November 2013, Italian filmmaker Federico Greco sent me a 25minute
short film / pilot for an upcoming Italian TV series called "E.N.D." (Review here), a stylish little film that I really enjoyed. For whatever reason, Greco and his fellow filmmakers Luca Alessandro and Allegra Bernardoni didn't got the chance to turn it into a series, so they started to collect money to at least turn it into a full-length feature, and despite not reaching their crowdfunding goal, they still were able to fully finish the movie.

Irritatingly, "E.N.D. The Movie" is actually more of a fraud. No, it's neither a full length version of "E.N.D.", nor a real continuation of the events that happened in the short film. Greco simply took his short film, shot another short film (incl. at least one returning character), took another short film by some guy called Domiziano Cristopharo, cobbled these 3 shorts together into one post-apocalyptic zombie-anthology, et voilĂ : a perfect letdown.

*sigh* It's sad. It's really, really sad. The "E.N.D." short is so good and has so much potential for sequels, full length features or TV series. It's still as good as when I first saw it two years ago, and it's the main reason why I gave the full-length version a 4/10. It's such a well-made, well-paced and splendidly stylish film with some great acting and fun dialogue.

Unfortunately, the second segment (directed by Christopharo), which takes place 4 years later somewhere in the Italian boondocks, is boring, dull and bad, bad, bad. Imagine a lowest-budget... no, wait, a no-budget version of zombie-classic "Grapes of Death" with absolutely no suspense, some horrid acting and the worst CGI effects since "Birdemic". It's frustratingly slow, headshakingly amateurish and feels twice as long as it actually is (25 minutes).

The third segment, which takes place in some old bunker 7 years after the original events, was directed by Greco and is obviously way better, but unfortunately, it can't save the movie from being a big disappointment. Although there's lots of super-gorgeous shots and haunting images, fun with 'talking zombies' and some cool gore, the segment is really awkwardly paced and way too tedious. I was constantly hoping for something really awesome to happen, but aside from the weirdly introduced, yet pretty interesting humans vs. undead concept, there's not much happening.

A few years ago, I predicted a big comeback of the Italian horror genre.
Well, that comeback still didn't happen, and with movies like "E.N.D.", it won't happen anytime soon...


Thanks to Federico Greco for the screener!


  1. You've given my lots of new films to look out for recently, sadly, this won't be one of them.

    Great review though :)

  2. It really seems to be a challenging project to try to expand a short into a feature. I think to do it successfully is a real trick. One movie that inadvertently did it - and did it well - was the remake of When a Stranger Calls. They basically took the short film that made up the 20 minute opening of the original movie (which also had problems stretching to a feature) and expanded it successfully into a fine thriller.

    1. Yeah, that's definitely one of the rare examples where that worked perfectly. In most other cases, it just doesn't work.


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