31 October 2015

Happy Halloween! - with "TRICK OR TREATS"


Working Titles:
Halloween / Babysitter Murders: The Beginning

USA, 1982
Director: Gary Graver


It's almost a Halloween-tradition now: Maynard seeking out an old, obscure Halloween-themed flick from the 80s and reviews it. Over the last years I checked out odd stuff like "Hollow Gate", "Hack-O-Lantern" or "Jack-O".
This year, it's this weird, um, non-gem: "Trick of Treats", one of the few genre films by profilic porn filmmaker Gary Graver, better known under his pseudonym Robert McCallum, who directed more than 100 adult films between the early 70s and the late 90s, but also worked as a cinematographer for countless genre classics like "Invasion of the Bee Girls", "The Toolbox Murders" or "Mortuary".

The movie tries to be a spoof of "Halloween" and other then-popular slasher films (deranged maniac escaping from the asylum on Halloween night, threatening a babysitter who watches over a brat who keeps playing vicious pranks on her), but omg, nearly nothing about it works because nothing about this movie is entertaining. "Trick or Treats" is packed to the brim with oh-so-funny lines that aren't funny, and oh-so-funny characters that just aren't funny, and oh-so-funny scenes that yada yada, blah blah. Did I mention that the movie is repetitive too? Too many pranks, too many scenes where someone knocks at the door, too many scenes where the killer calls on the telephone etc. etc. Pacing is dull, direction is weak, no thrills, no chills.

The brat is probably the most annoying kid in horror history. The killer, badly dressed as hospital nurse, is a complete hack. The mother is an unlikable hag, the babysitter is quite a chore, and pretty much everyone else simply is a pain in the arse. David "Kung Fu" Carradine appears a couple of times, but aside from looking unnerved, he's doing nothing, and Carrie Snodgress' daft acting makes you wonder why she ever got nominated for an Oscar.

The sounds-like-stock-music-from-the-60s soundtrack is pretty rad, and the last 10-15 minutes are surprisingly suspenseful. Yet, overall, neither a trick not a treat, just a dud.

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  1. But the killer endorsed my blog!

  2. I Just seen and reviewed this recently. Yes, its so effin bad that I can't even use the word Horrible to describe it cuz even the word Horrible is too good for it!


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