20 October 2015

WE ARE STILL HERE (/Slash Filmfestival 2015)


German Title:
We Are Still Here - Haus des Grauens

USA, 2015
Director: Ted Geoghegan


Considering the fact that is it the very first directorial feature of Oregonian filmmaker Ted Geoghegan who was previously involved in writing/producing
rubbish like "100 Tears" or "Sweatshop"...
Considering the fact that this was a meant as a tribute to Lucio Fulci's "The House by the Cemetery" (I'm actually very allergic to people trying to pay homage to this stunning piece of Italo-awesomeness)...
Considering the fact that this is yet another haunted house movie *yawn* with a title that is almost too spoilerish...

Hell, this is not just one of THE highlights in this underwhelming horror-year, but also one of the very few really great movies at this year's /Slash Filmfestival. "We Are Still Here" follows a married couple that moves to rural New England after the tragic death of their son, in the hopes that it will bring them some closure. Unfortunately, their new home is haunted by a couple of vengeful and rather brutal spirits, and the nearby small-town hides a terrifying secret that is strongly connected to the dark history of their new old house...

Geoghegan's debut is so good, it's shocking. His more-intense-than-expected directing style, his clever writing, his understanding of 70s/80s horror and his ability to perfectly re-create classic 70s/80s horror atmosphere, it all leads to an absolutely fantastic movie that managed to scare the bejesus out of me AND to make me burst into laughter (just like last year's incredible "Housebound"), thanks to shitloads of unbelievably frightening scenes (I was shivering during the scenes down in the cellar, or the one with the burning shapes at the bedroom door), an equally high amount of laugh-out-loud moments (ever seen a possessed old stoner hippie eating a pair of socks?), and an outrageously insane amount of blood and gore (we get to see fountains and geysers of the good old
red juice *yay*).

The effects, the eerie, slightly doom-laden music (Wojciech Golczewski, "Late Phases"), the stunning cinematography (Karim Hussain, "The Theatre Bizarre"), the super-suspenseful slow-burn pace, the impressive look of the ghosts... damn, almost everything about it is just amazing. Same for the acting: a touchingly emotional performance by horror legend Barbara Crampton ("From Beyond", "Re-Animator") who, at the age of 56, still looks hawt, an absolutely hilarious performance by horror legend Larry Fessenden ("Habit", "The Last Winter"), an immensely scary Monte Markham ("The New Perry Mason"), plus more great acting by the gorgeous Lisa Marie ("Ed Wood"), Andrew Sensenig ("Upstream Color"), cutie Keslea Dakota and Connie Neer. Also, every single character feels 'real', is highly sympathetic and totally believable. You don't get that too often these days...

"We Are Still Here" is an entertaining and quite energetic frightfest for fans of 'golden era' horror. If you dig "The Changeling", "Superstition" or "The House of the Cemetery", you'll dig this one too. Bravo Mr. Geoghegan!
Lucio would be proud of you.

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  1. This sounds very good - and I'm thrilled that Monte Markham is still working!


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