06 October 2015


My good friend Cat La Belle from Thrill and Kill asked me to do some promotion for a major event she's involved in. Well, I couldn't say no, so here we go:

Weekend of Horrors, Germany's famous Horror convention is back with a lineup that is simply fantastic. From November 6th-8th in Saalbau in Bottrop (Germany), you'll be able to see KATHARINE ISABELLE (Ginger Snaps 1-3, American Mary), EMILY PERKINS (Ginger Snaps 1-3), MICHAEL BERRYMAN (The Hills Have Eyes 1+2, The Devil's Rejects), LEW TEMPLE (The Walking Dead), Tyler Mane (Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN), ØRJAN GAMST (Dead Snow 1-2), BARBARA NEDELJAKOVA (Hostel 1+2), LESLIE EASTERBROOK (The Devil's Rejects) and ASYHLYN YENNIE (The Human Centipede 1+2).

Also, The Dark Zone will bring some more awesome guests to the Weekend of Horrors, such as Italo-Horror legend RUGGERO DEODATO (Cannibal Holocaust, The House at the Edge of the Park), MORJANA ALAOUI (Martyrs), LAURENCE R. HARVEY (The Human Centipede 2+3), NAOMI GROSSMAN (American Horror Story: Asylum/Freakshow), THOMAS IAN NICHOLS (Halloween: Resurrection, American Pie), NICK PRINCIPE (Laid To Rest 1+2), JIM O'REAR (The Hospital) and the illustrator TOM "DUDE DESIGNS" HODGE.

Furthermore, there will be various film screenings at the convention: BIND (Director: Dan Walton & Dan Zachary), BANJO (Liam Regan), THE TOUR (Damon Rickard), THE HOSPITAL (Jim O'Rear & Daniel Emery Taylor) and many more. Plus: a dealer space, Q&As with the guests, professional photo shootings and a huge indie film space.

More information on www.weekendofhorrors.com 

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