15 November 2015

BUNNY THE KILLER THING (/Slash Filmfestival 2015)


Finland, 2015
Director: Joonas Makkonen


Somewhere in Finland, a group of 7 peeps is heading to a cabin in the woods for a fun weekend packed with alcohol and drugs and sex, not knowing that a dangerous creature is roaming the area, a creature half man, half rabbit, super-horny and blood-thirsty and it constantly screams "PUSSY!!" or "DIRTY PUSSY!!" because it's super-obsessed with female genitals.

I like Finnish humor, I like Finnish movies and over the years, I've seen/admired my fair share of brilliant Finnish flicks from Ari Kaurismäki ("Leningrad Cowboys"), Antti-Jussi Attila ("Sauna"), Jalmari Helander ("Rare Exports") or Timo Vuorensola ("Iron Sky"), that's why I can wholeheartedly claim that this is the absolute worst Finnish movie I've ever seen.

This is a movie that can only be watched being completely shit-faced, as it is 90 minutes of the stupidest and unfunniest jokes that only drunkards and prepubertal boys find funny. Fart jokes and dick jokes and vagina jokes and nigger jokes and rape jokes. People talking about tits, wanking like crazy, sniffing on panties, vomiting, ejaculating prematurely. A squirrel gets trampled to death. Oh-so-funny shenanigans with vagina shirts. Lots of ahaha-hilarious dialogue between a drunk Fin and an Afro-American calling each other Mr. Black and Mr. White. And a super-fucked, super-annoying, erm, re-interpretation of the Were-Rabbit from the Wallace & Gromit movie.

A movie for idiots. Yes, a 1/10 is exactly what this piece of rabbit-shit deserves. Watch the "Bunnyman"-flicks instead.

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  1. I'll Finnish off your review with one word - skipping.


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