12 January 2016

"I need a Vacation." - Maynard goes on Hiatus!

- January 12, 2016 - UPDATE

Ok. 2015 is over. The Best Of Lists have all been posted. Now it's time to say goodbye, Maynard's eagerly awaited HIATUS starts right fucking now! CU in Summer! :-)

- November 24, 2015 -

"30th September 2015. Mark this date in your calendar fans... For it's a historic occasion indeed.
For this is the day... I officially stop wasting my life taking chances on movies that may or may not be buckets of s***e... And, stick to the classics.
(Okay, I'll be able to watch the odd dire obscurity... I do SO enjoy mocking them, you know. But really, life is too short to do that a lot...)"

These aren't my words. These are the words of Imdb user "wrightiswright" who wrote this in his review of this year's dumbfest "Some Kind of Hate". I understand what he means, and granted, his comment was one of many reasons which inspired me to go on...


Yes. I'm going on hiatus! Originally, I wanted to continue blogging until New Year's Day and announce this on January 2, but today I realized that I just can't wait any longer.

I'm doing this blog thing for more than 6 years and for the most time, I enjoyed writing for this silly little site - but this year, the joy became a pain in the ass. Way too many shitty movies in theaters, way too many shitty screeners in my email account, and way... WAY too many shitty films at this year's terribly disappointing /Slash Filmfestival. I forced myself to continue writing and blogging and posting, but it wasn't fun anymore. It was a chore. A bore.

That's why it's time for a break now. Over the last weeks, I re-discovered the joy of watching old movies/DVDs without thinking about writing a review or making any screenshots - you can't imagine how great it is to watch something without constantly thinking about possible sentences and phrases ;-)

From now on, I won't waste my time on any lowest budget dreck, found footage rubbish, pointless oh-so-artsy movies without endings, or CGI disasters. From now on, I just wanna watch movies that are good / movies that I want to see.

There won't be any new posts until the last week of December 2015 when I'm gonna post my Best/Worst-Of-2015 Lists, and then there won't be any new posts until June 2016. I have no idea what will happen next year in Summer. Will I continue blogging? Will I stop writing? I have no idea. Let's wait and see :-)

Oh the drama!

Arnie knows best.


  1. Welp, it would by sad to see you go, but at the end of the day it's you're happiness that matters the most, so good luck, and enjoy!

  2. I've long been a believe of writing because you want to, not because you feel that you have to. I haven't written much lately, and I am enjoying films without feeling any pressure of writing.

    Enjoy your time off, and enjoy those films.

  3. Well, I do noticed that a lot of your reviews lately were more on rants and although I never agreed on most of them (The Gallows and Green Inferno for example), you do have a point.

    To be honest, i'm making a few adjustments on my review list myself and pretty much limiting them to straight slasher films and those with more clear influences. (So I have to say good bye to Full Metal Jacket)

    Hopefully, you'll come back with a freshened perspective and tell us your vay-kay adventures!

  4. A well deserved rest - and an inspiration - as an upcoming post at my blog will show...

  5. Enjoy your break man. You deserve it. You're a credit to this community and you've done a lot to promote horror, but sometimes you just need to recharge the batteries and enjoy quality.

  6. Finally, got over here to comment (with everything going on in my neck of the woods). You already know what I think. Total support from Emma! xo

  7. It's always great to have a break, but I look forward to your return. I hope you're having fun :)

  8. I'm real bummed out that I found you now after you've gone on hiatus.

  9. I'm so disappointed that I just found you and you are already gone. Serendipity is not in my corner at the moment. Hope life offers you what you desire!

    This is the only blog I have ever responded to, but had to based on your most excellent review of The Bunny Game. Thought you had to be a kindred spirit.


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