30 September 2016

The Burton Blog Bash: Maynard's Top 5 Tim Burton Movies

Since good old Tim Burton has a new movie out today [the Ransom Riggs adaptation "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children"], my friends and blog buddies Emma (Little Gothic Horrors) and Holly (Holly's Horrorland) decided to do a fun little Tim Burton blogfest:


I'm not a hardcore fan of Burton's work, but I have seen most of his movies, and enjoyed most of them... well, at least most of his his 80s/90s output. He made some neat movies afterwards, like "Corpse Bride" or "Sweeney Todd", but I'm definitely more enthusiastic about his earlier work. In case you're curious, here are my Top 5 favorite Tim Burton flicks:


"Edward Scissorhands" (1990) might be a better-made movie, but "Sleepy Hollow" is so much more rewatchable, that's why I just had to include it in this list. It's such a marvellous-looking movie, full with incredibly gorgeous images, creepy locations and super-crazy characters. Johnny Depp's quirky and squeamish over-acting has become unbearable over the last years, but here, it's still simply wonderful, very enjoyable and not annoying at all. Those were the days...


After making a biographical movie about a 1950s horror/sci-fi director ("Ed Wood", 1994), Burton just had to make a 1950s horror/sci-fi movie... well, obviously more of a parody on all things alien invasions and shit, but a brilliant and adorably lovely one, with hilarious extraterrestrials, terrific special effects (many of them wonderfully intentionally bad), a fabulously colorful cast... and Tom Jones! What's not to love about?


Burton's "Batman" (1989) was good, but it didn't really stand the test of time for me; watching it nowadays is a rather underwhelming experience - contrary to "Batman Returns", which seems to get better and better with age, just like a fine wine. The movie is such a fascinating blast, darker, prettier and far more entertaining than its predecessor, and both Michelle Pfeiffer and Danny De Vito deliver performances of their lifetimes. In terms of Batman movies, only TDK and TDKR are better IMO.


Just like "Batman Returns", Burton's breakthrough film "Beetlejuice" is a splendid piece of awesomeness that gets better and better with every viewing. Damn, what an inventive and imaginative film it is! Packed to the brim with the most gorgeous make-up and special effects, the prettiest set designs and the quirkiest characters I have ever seen, and even though his role in "Birdman" was praised by pretty much everyone, I (dare)say that Michael Keaton's performance here is better than anything he has ever done. Period.

ED WOOD (1994)

The pinnacle of Burton's career and undoubtedly his absolute greatest, yet most underrated masterpiece. His take on the wonderfully weird life of 'the worst director of all time' turned out to be one of the best biographical films I have ever seen, mainly because instead of mocking him, Burton celebrated him and paid homage to him in a stunningly heartwarming way that is very, very rare in Hollywood. Pity that Burton has never made any other films remotely similar to "Ed Wood"...

Teehee! :)


  1. Now these are the choices I can agree with you about! XD
    I actually saw half of Ed Wood and I recall enjoying it! Now if only it wasn't at a doctor's appointment regarding a nasty Pink Eye and/or if the doc didn't call me sooner, I may have finished it!

    Thanks for reminding me to finish it!

    And yes, Tom Jones. WHAT'S NOT TO F*CKING LOVE?!

  2. OMG YES!!!! I forgot about Ed Wood, such a unique film, and Beetlejuice, I mush watch again... Michael Keaton has never been, and probably never will be better than this on film. Loved your reveiws, love the insights and thanks for the Mars Attack rminder, I so forgot that was Burton's baby... great collection, great for a midnight to dawn film fest methinks :)

  3. 'Batman Returns' often gets criticism, but I think it's FAB! And there's something about the theatricality and stylization that gives it a timeless quality. 'Beetlejuice' is the same. I know it's an eighties movie, and it has lots of eighties fashion, but I don't think of it as an eighties movie. It has a classic, enduring quality outside of trends.

    I must watch 'Ed Wood' again. (I've got the DVD, so no excuse! ;) ) I watch 'Sleepy Hollow' every Halloween! :D I especially love Sylvia Sidney in 'Mars Attacks'!

    This was a great post! Thank you for participating, Maynard! ♥ And for the record, I LOVE 'Dark Shadows'!! ;P ♥

  4. Great picks!! I am cracking up over the Ed Wood MeMe. Ed Wood who?? Damn millennials ha ha ha

  5. I will show my ignorance by admitting that I have never watched Ed Wood. But you know what? I will look for it. And I will remedy that... right after I rewatch Batman Returns and Corpse Bride. I'm in the moo... :-D

  6. Loved reading your favorite movies! I just watched "Batman" for the first time this summer (I was only 6 or 7 when it came out), and I'd have to agree with you that the first doesn't stand the test of time. But "Batman Returns"? Absolutely!

  7. Damn you sir!!! Now I can't say I am a real fan til I find and watch "Ed Wood"...thank you for the life lesson :D XXX

  8. Nice list! A well rounded set of five. Thanks for sharing the awesome memes too...hahaha!

  9. It's great to see a post from you :)

    Ed Wood is in my top 3 favourites. No 1 for me (although it's a short) is Vincent.


  10. Ed Wood is my favorite too! *High fives you!*


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