November 2015
R.I.P Gunnar Hansen

October 2015
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "THE LAST HALLOWEEN" poster!!
Weekend of Horrors + The Dark Zone 2015

September 2015
Pics and Clips of Maynard's first On-Screen Acting Appearance
R.I.P Wes Craven
/Slash Filmfestival 2015 Lineup

August 2015
Holy Shit! Horror Movie Diary is 6 Years Old! Happy Birthday To Me!
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "HAZARD" cover!!
New Banners!
R.I.P David A. Prior

July 2015
Holidays!! Announcements!! Ranting!!
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "VOLCANO ZOMBIES" cover!!
R.I.P Irwin Keyes

June 2015
Interview with Rodney Ascher ("Room 237", "The Nightmare")
R.I.P Betsy Palmer
R.I.P Christopher Lee
R.I.P James Horner
R.I.P Mary Ellen Trainor
R.I.P Patrick Macnee
R.I.P Richard Johnson

May 2015
Lexa Cain's Summer Vacation Blog-Hop: Maynard's beloved Filmcasino

April 2015
A look back at the "Chilling Classics" Movie Pack
R.I.P Geoffrey Lewis & James Best
R.I.P Richard Dysart
R.I.P Tom Towles & Robert Z'Dar
/SLASH 1/2, 2015 - Line-up

March 2015
(Almost) Everything you (N)ever wanted to know about "The Woman in Black": A collaboration between Little Gothic Horrors, Winter Moon and Maynard
R.I.P Leonard Nimoy
Shameless Promotion for "Among the Living (Aux Yeux des Vivants)"

February 2015
New Banner / Announcements / Outlook

January 2015
Best Horror Films 2014: 1-15
Best Horror Films 2014: 16-30
Best Non-Horror Films 2014 + Best Albums, Best Songs & Top 3 Surprises
Best Short Films 2014
Worst of 2014

December 2014
3 Bloggers, 5 Movies, 1 New Year's Blog-Party

October 2014
Interview with actress BĂ©atrice Dalle and director Julien Maury ("Inside", "Livid", "Among the Living")

September 2014
6 Degrees of Separation Blogathon
Interview with director Richard Gray ("Mine Games", "Audition")

Kweeny, Judith & Maynard riding the Midnight Meat Train

August 2014
"I'm a Loser baby, so why don't you... erm, write about me?" - The Ultimate LOSERS Blogfest
Interview with director Jordan Barker ("Torment", "The Marsh")
R.I.P Marilyn Burns
R.I.P Richard Attenborough
R.I.P Robin Williams
/Slash Filmfestival 2014 - Lineup

June 2014
Happy Birthday To me!!! 5 Years Horror Movie Diary!!!
Maynard's Top 25 Comedies
R.I.P Veronica Lazar & Rik Mayall

May 2014
CD Reviews: Chvad SB's "Crickets Were The Compass" & "Gut: Original Motion Picture Score"
I met Dario Argento and it was awesome!
R.I.P H.R. Giger & Leslie Carlson

April 2014
An extreme Double Feature from Hell: Eraserhead meets Love Actually
At 6ixes and 7evens
R.I.P Athena Baumeister
/SLASH 1/2, 2014 - Line-up

March 2014
Interview with Lou Simon, director of "HAZMAT"
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "A LITTLE BIT ZOMBIE" Cover!!
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "MEMORY LANE" Cover!!

February 2014
R.I.P. Philipp Seymour Hoffman

January 2014
Another Pageview Record

Best Horror Films 2013, Part 1: 16-30
Best Horror Films 2013, Part 2: 1-15
Best Non-Horror Films 2013
Bragging and Boasting: Memory Lane / Lord Of Tears / Deep Shock
Donnie Darko: Deleted Scenes vs. Director's Cut
Guest Post by Eric King: The Pros and Cons of Living in Middlesex
Kickstarter Call-Up: Richard Powell's "Heir"
R.I.P Riz Ortolani
Worst Of 2013

December 2013
Best Short Films 2013

Black Christmas (2006): Alternate / Deleted Scenes + Additional Footage
Black Christmas (2006): The Kills
Guest Post by Cindy Prascik: Donnie Darko Review Lexa & Julie's Dream Destination Blog-Hop: Maynard's favorite Horror-related Dream Destinations
R.I.P Joan Fontaine & Peter O'Toole

November 2013
Yay for 500.000 Pageviews!!!

October 2013
Bragging and Boasting: Wise Writers, Guest Posts & Review Quotes
Maynard & Emma's BURBStastic BURBSarama

September 2013
Press Release: The Invoking
/Slash Announcement
/Slash Filmfestival 2013 Lineup

August 2013
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "ESCAPE" Cover!!
4 Days of "Don't Go To The Reunion"
Interview with Hannah Herdt
Interview with Matty Dorschner
Interview with Spencer Harlan
Interview with Stephanie Leigh Rose
Reunion Clips
R.I.P. Karen Black
Yay for 400.000 Pageviews!!

July 2013
Exclusive Interview with James Cullen Bressack ("To Jennifer", "Hate Crime")

June 2013
Horror Movie Diary is 4 Years old!!
The Final Destination 3 Deathmatch: Theatrical cut vs. Choose-the-fate version
Surreal Short Film "The Earth Rejects Him" available online now!

May 2013
Exclusive Interview with Steve Goltz & Kevin Sommerfield ("Don't Go to the Reunion")
My contribution to the "Mayoween"-Blogfest: Trick 'r Treat
R.I.P. Ray Harryhausen & Rossella Falk
The Real Eighties / American Nightmares
The Ultimate Candyman Extravaganza

April 2013
Comparison: Psycho II / Bates Motel
Fright Nights 2013 Line-Up
Maynard and Emma's Beetlejuice Bewitchment
R.I.P Jess Franco
R.I.P Roger Ebert
/Slashing Europe 2013 Line-Up
There's something wrong in Blogging-Land...

March 2013
"A Bond bound in Murder, sealed in Blood" - Essay on Rob Zombie's Corpses / Rejects
"The psychedelic Grand Guignol nightmare feel" - Nathan's essay on all things Firefly
Geography lessons with "Season Of The Witch" (2011)
Lamb-Tastic! Horror Movie Diary got nominated!
Maynard goes to the Reunion ;-)
Press Release: Deep Shock
Yay for 300.000 pageviews, Nay for crappy Lightbox!

Februar 2013
Maynard and Craig's Brilliant BLOB-FEST
Press Release: Anger Of The Dead
Press Release: Berkshire County
Press Release: iPhone Indie Horror "TO JENNIFER"
Watch Marc Roussel's short film REMOTE now!!

January 2013
Best Horror Films 2012 
Fright Meter Awards 2012 - The Winners
Horror Movie Diary quoted on "FAMILIAR" poster!! 
The Nods and References in "LIVID"
Worst Of 2012

December 2012
Best Non-Horror Films 2012
Best Short Films 2012
Fright Meter Awards 2012 - The Nominations
Press Release: Don't Go To The Reunion
R.I.P. Charles Durning
R.I.P. Danny Steinmann

November 2012
December Horror Challenge
Maynard and Emma's Addams Family Awesomeness
Miscellaneous Awesomeness

October 2012
"Son Of Celluloid" Halloween-Countdown

September 2012
Comparison: Chiller / The Thing / Psycho
Letter to my readers
Press Release: Beyond The Grave on Netflix
Press Release: Paranormal Activity - A Hardcore Parody
Sequel September: An incomplete A-Z of unmade and unfinished horror sequels
/SLASH Filmfestival 2012 Line-up

August 2012
David Rosiak, Screenwriter - What Went Wrong With SHARK SWARM
Halloween Horror Movie Marathon Madness
Holy Shit! Another Award!
Horror Movie Diary quoted on Blood Brothers poster!
Press Release: Truth Or Dare
Press Release: World Premiere of Blood Fare

July 2012
Body Horror in Vienna
Holy Fuck! I Got 4 Awesome Awards!
Horror Movie Diary is 3 years old!
Press Release: Brutal
Press Release: Mutant Monks From Outer Space
R.I.P. Susanne Lothar

June 2012
Weekend Of Horrors / Grindhouse Night

May 2012
Comparison: The Funhouse / Halloween / Psycho
R.I.P. James Isaac

April 2012
Chicago FearFest 2012 - Winners
Full Moon Birthday / 7x7 Link Award
Help Needed: Upcoming Short Film P.O.V.
Jason vs. Freddy, Filmcasino Vienna
Last Post
Press Release: Deadtime
Press Release: Paranormal Activity - A Hardcore Parody
Press Release: Supernatural Tales

March 2012
My Interview for IT'S ON RANDOM
Pure Terror Week
R.I.P. Robert Fuest

February 2012
Hudson Horror Show V - Trailer
Press Release: Awake In The Woods
Press Release: Dark Circles
Press Release: The Prospector's Curse

January 2012
Best Of 2011 
Horror Movie Diary quoted in official Memory Lane Trailer!
Learning German, Lesson One
Live Q&A With Angelina Jolie
Press Release: Acid Head
Press Release: Human Factor
Press Release: Necronos
R.I.P. Nicole Bogner
Worst Of 2011

December 2011
Please Vote For Me - Horror Movie Diary, Best Horror Blog 2011

November 2011
Autograph from "Attack The Block"-director Joe Cornish 
Horror Movie Diary nominated for Best Horror Blog 2011!
Maxie Briscoe and Melissa Bradley - Book Review and Interview
Press Release: Popularity Killer
Thanks, Props & Shout-Outs (and some silly search-keywords)

October 2011
Happy Birthday To Me!
Interview with director J.A. Steel 
Maynard's Top 30 Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time [1-10]
Maynard's Top 30 Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time [11-20]
Maynard's Top 30 Favorite Horror Movies Of All Time [21-30]
Press Release: J.A. Steel's "Blood Fare"
Rest In Peace David Hess
Thanks, Props & Shout-Outs (and a few search keywords)

September 2011
Miscellaneous Stuff about Banners, Blogs, Goblins, Keywords and Non-Horror Films
Press Release: Blair Witch Parody Hardcore Parody

August 2011
Miscellaneous stuff about Blog Awards, Bad Movies, Search Keywords and Morrissey
Press Release: "Comforting Skin" - Trailer Release

July 2011
Comparison in pics: The Thing 2011 Trailer vs. John Carpenter's The Thing / Announcements
Miscellaneous stuff about Final Destinations, Keywords, Non-Horror Films and Blogs
Press Release: Special Screening of Insidious
R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

June 2011
Follower #100
Impressions from a "Bad Horror Movie Night"
Miscellaneous stuff about Screams, Lambs, Tunnels and Keywords
The 30 Day Horror Challenge Retrospection - Part 2

May 2011
Seriously, Blogger/Google... what the fuck???

April 2011
By the way... it's Friday!
Just an ordinary Friday... in Hell!!
Miscellaneous stuff about Trolls, Blogs and Non-Horror Films
The 30 Day Horror Challenge Retrospection

March 2011
My gosh! Lucky me has won 62 movies!!!
R.I.P. Michael Gough

February 2011
Random Thoughts

January 2011
Shameless promotion and Self-Promotion (Troll 2)

August 2010
Look what I have here... (Rec 2)

July 2010
Everybody's doing it... (Meme)
The Girl Who Loves Horror (Award)

June 2010
All New!!!

May 2010
Shameless Self-Promotion (Tom Six)

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