Dropping Off My Boss!
Posted 11/22/2016 12:17:30

It was a night of the blue moon when I was caught up in paperworks at the office. I had to finish everything for our month-end meeting the next day. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 2:13 when I left the office. I was the last one to leave having been the one living only a 15-minute ride away from work. I decided to volunteer to make the last minute changes on the presentation.

On my way to the elevator, I noticed the door to my boss’ office slow slightly ajar with the dim lights on. Upon realizing that he might still be there, and he decided to come back without me knowing, I rapped at his door softly to bid adieu.

Nobody answered when I knocked. So I pushed the door to check. There he is, bowed down on his table in the middle of many piles of papers. His back angled away from me.

“Boss, I’ll go ahead. Do you still need anything before I head off?” When he didn’t answer, he gave me the impression that he was sleeping.

I remember him leaving the office earlier that day to attend to some personal errands outside town so it really surprised me to see him there. I was about to leave him when I heard him whisper something ending with “home.”

“I’m sorry?” I asked again.

“Can you please drop me off at home?” He repeated. I was tired and still a bit early tomorrow but this is my boss so I gave him an affirmative. It made me wonder why he doesn’t have his car with him, but I didn’t ask. Just told him that I’ll be waiting for him at the parking lot.

Two guards were at the lobby listening to some old music from the radio when I passed by. I overheard them talking about an “accident” earlier and “total wreck” which made me slow down to ask. What he told me next gave me the chills.

“Your boss was into an accident earlier. His car was in total wreck and he was declared dead on the spot.”