November 14, 2011

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (First Sequence / Full Sequence)


German Title:
Human Centipede - Der menschliche Tausendfüssler

Netherlands, 2009
Director: Tom Six


Call it dumb, call it tasteless, call it the hell you want - IMO Tom Six' "Human Centipede" is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most hilarious exploitation flicks ever made.
It's of course far from being a perfect movie due to many script flaws and highly illogical scenes. However, I see this movie in the tradition of 70s/80s exploitation from directors like D'Amato or Henenlotter who constantly popped out amazing horror movies which were just impressive despite all their flaws.

What I do love most about:

--- The Human Centipede itself - it's surely one of the coolest and most iconic creations movie history.
I mean, the idea of operating people ass-to-mouth together, as sick as it is... it's unique, it's original and it's something we haven't seen before.

--- Dieter Laser's performance as Dr. Heiter, one of the most amazing villains I've ever seen. His facial expressions, his gestures, his constant switching between languages and nearly every single dialogue line he delivers... my goodness, this guy is just excellent!
Just watch him saying "You are the middle piece!!" and you know what I mean :-)

Further highlights:

~ It's visually stunning due to excellent camera work, excellent photography and an excellent choice of settings (Heiter's creepy house, the dark forest, the bleak garden).

~ Next to Dieter Laser we get to see other nice acting performances from the funny Akihiro Kitamura, and the 2 gorgeous girls Ashley C. Williams & Ashlynn Yennie.

~ The spartan but effective soundtrack is highly impressive and perfectly sets the tone/mood for the movie.

~ It's thrilling and entertaining from beginning to end without ever getting boring.
Oh, and there's some nice gore too!

"The Human Centipede" is certainly not for everyone's taste. Either you love it or you hate it, there's no in-between.
 Well, I fuckin' love it!! :-)

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(Review from 07/2010)


Netherlands / UK / USA, 2011
Director: Tom Six


One of this year's most anticipated and most talked about movies. Considering all the fuzz about censoring and banning, it felt as if Tom Six wanted it to be this year's "A Serbian Film".
Well, Part II is pretty disgusting but sadly, far from what I expected - and it's also far from being as great and entertaining as the original.

What's good:

~ Laurence R. Harvey - his performance may be not as memorable as Dieter Laser's, but still he's one helluva weird and impressive actor, playing one helluva mad and super-fucked-up, but also quite pitiful character. His facial expressions and gestures are excellent and I love that he doesn't say a whole word in the entire movie.

~ Many of the other characters are so funny and/or over-the-top, it almost feels like you're in a Frank Henenlotter movie (Martin's suicidal mother, the long-bearded doctor, the hooligan neighbor...).
Oh, and Ashlynn Yennie (the ass from Part 1) is back, playing herself.

~ The whole movie looks just fabulous due to some fine camera work, many cool and grimy locations, and of course, Tom Six' excellent choice to shoot it in gritty black-and-white.

~ The script is far from perfect but at least the 'plot' build-up in the first half is just amazing.

~ The minimalistic soundtrack is not only wonderfully fitting but also quite eerie.

~ The violence is super-digusting but fun: hammered out teeth, lots of crowbar-smashed heads, severed knee tendons, many faces stitched to asses in gruesome ways and the uber-insane scene where a mother incidentally steps on her newborn child.

What's bad:

~ A few serious pacing issues in the first half, thanks to the pretty lame script.

~ Hardly any tension or suspense, thanks to the pretty lame script.

~ Some incredibly stupid, annoying and terribly written dialogue sequences.

~ A dumb and unimaginative finale that fails to impress due to predictable and lame / forced shock-value and a few really boring moments.

Overall, an neat but un-groundbreaking sequel.
People who love or like Part 1 will also love or like Part 2.
People who hate Part 1 will probably hate Part 2 even more.

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  1. You know, I guess I have to be the exception - I like the idea of it - going for the gross-out is a perfectly valid cinematic goal in my mind - but I found the movie a little meh, as it didn't go QUITE far enough in terms of what was shown. I wouldn't have wanted the whole thing to attempt to churn the stomach from frame one to frame last, but I think there should have been a buildup to a supreme shock grossout moment - and the movie didn't go there. I'll see the second one to see what they do with it - and you're right about the Laser man - he's great! Thanks for the review!

  2. That's why I'm so excited for the sequel:
    as far as I heard, they will show in part 2 what they didn't show in part 1. Prepare for loads of gore and shit :-)

  3. I never really enjoyed Full Sequence. it's everything the first isn't. It's watchable, yes, but it's hardly the brilliance I was expecting.

    Nice review, mate!

  4. I liked both parts equally, but each for a different reason. Part 2 was nothing what I've expected, and I must say it was absolutely insane.
    Laurence R. Harvey was crazier than Dieter, because he was just a mad fan and had no idea of medial surgeons whatsoever. That made it more disturbing for me.

  5. @Kai:
    Very well said. It definitely is everything that the first isn't, and that's the problem.

    Thank you :)

    I adore Part 1 because it's so fucking entertaining and hilarious. Part 2 sadly wasn't as entertaining as I expected.

    I love Laser more but nevertheless, Harvey is an incredible actor playing an incredibly villain.
    I love the scene where he cuts the one guy's ass open and realizes, due to the massive blood flow, that it doesn't work in reality like it worked in the film.

  6. I can't make up my mind regarding the first movie. I have this, "Ummm, okay" attitude towards it. Outside of the "ass to mouth" plot device, it really wasn't anything too far removed from the exploitation classics that came long before it, just with more artsy cinematography. The lead villain was great and probably what sustained my interest in the picture. I thought the concept was disgusting enough and we didn't need to see anymore than we did. But then, we are in a society that has been programmed by New Hollywood that we have to be shown everything to get the full thrill effect, lest we feel cheated. I am curious about the second, though, as it sounds like it's more batshit crazy as opposed to the cold, artistic endeavor of the first movie.

  7. Well, as you can see I totally enjoyed part 1. It's a fun flick that entertained me a lot, and to me it feels as some kinda modern-day-exploitation - of course, not comparable to oldschool exploitation.

    Part 2 is indeed way more insane, but it's also far less entertaining. I'm not exactly sure but I think you will also have a hard time making up your mind about it.


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