11 August 2015



UK, 2014
Director: Jeremy Wooding


As a passionate non-Western-fan who prefers movies like "Ghost Town" (1988)
 or "Ravenous" (1999) over classics from Sergio Leone, and even likes genre mash-ups like "Tremors 4: The Legend Begins" or "From Dusk Till Dawn 3: The Hangman's Daughter" much more than "Back To The Future Part III", I'm obviously the perfect audience for "Blood Moon", a low-budget horror-western that promises to deliver a standoff between Cowboys and Werewolves. The fact that this is actually a British (!) production makes it even more interesting!

Unfortunately, the latest feature by Jeremy Wooding (who previously did the rom-com musical  "Bollywood Queen" and the football comedy "The Magnificent Seven"...), fails to impress, mainly because it doesn't exactly deliver what it promises. Sure, it takes place in the Wild West, and, sure, there's all kinds of classic Western clich├ęs and items (saloon, stage coach, bankrobbers, fun with guns...), and, sure, there are even Werewolves roaming around, but... well, if you're in for some bloody werewolf action, you might check out something else, because there's hardly any wolfmen in here, let alone gory lycanthropy action.

Though "Blood Moon" is very well shot and very well-lit, beautifully filmed (some really clever camera angles) and solidly directed, there's way too much focus on our main characters who hide in a deserted mining town, and totally not enough focus on the wolves. Large parts of the film plod along at snail's pace, not particularly boring, but not particularly exciting either. A few tense scenes, a few drops of blood, a creature that looks like a cheap imitation of the werewolves in "Late Phases" (with a few "Rawhead Rex"-genes in its face) and some howling and growling. There's actually so much growling without getting a glimpse on the beast, one could think that this is the were-version
of "Sound of Horror" (not kidding!).

Most of the acting is solid, especially the performances of Shaun Dooley, Anna Skellern (hottie!) and Eleanor Matsuura, the soundtrack is splendid (Toby Pitman) and hey, there's lots of cool lines that made me chuckle, such as "It ain't much more than a one-horse town... and they shot that horse twenty years ago." or "Where d'ya find this coffee? At the rear end of a Buffalo?" or "You couldn't find your ass in the dark even if it was on fire".

All in all, a neat watch, though I wouldn't exactly recommend it, neither to Western fans, nor to Horror fans.

Thanks to Brooke Campbell (October Coast PR) for the screener!


  1. Aw, what a pity. I did see a picture of the werewolf - and I totally get your Rawhead Rex reference. Nice one!

    1. At least, the werewolf doesn't look as ridiculous as Rex :D


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