10 November 2015



Working Titles:
Welcome to Yesterday / Almanac
/ Cinema One

USA, 2015
Director: Dean Israelite


When I first heard about "Project Almanac", I was intrigued by the movie's cool concept which promised to be something like "Chronicle" or "+1", but with time-travelling [A couple of teenagers construct a time machine that actually works. They use it to their benefit, unaware of the disastrous ripple effects their actions cause. When of them tries to make things right, things get even worse]. Unfortunately, "Project Almanac" was one of this year's biggest disappointments, a terribly written and terribly directed film that makes you wish someone would have offered THIS movie to Josh Trank, and not "Fant4stic".

The screenwriters, Jason Pagan & Andrew Deutschman (who also wrote the 6th entry in the "Paranormal Activity" saga), were obviously influenced and inspired by movies like "The Butterfly Effect", "Primer" or "Back to the Future" - but instead of getting the best out of the inspirational sources, they came up with a dreadfully stupid screenplay that is so packed with crappy dialogue, unlikable characters, gaping plot holes and horrible time paradoxes, it's outrageous.

The acting is neat, but all of the characters are so fucking dumb, you don't care for any of them and only wish the worst to them. The found footage angle is completely unnecessary and the camera work is often so annoyingly shaky and over-the-top, I ran out of patience for this rubbish early on. There are a couple of neat twists and even a couple of mildly tense scenes, but they get overshadowed by the film's unbelievable stupidity. I won't go into detail, but... well, there is a scene in the second half where a girl gets erased entirely from the timeline after seeing her past self. So far so good - but in the first half, we get to see one of the boys painting a smiley on his sleeping past self... and the only thing that happens to him is that the smiley simultaneously appears on his very own neck (which itself is clearly illogical, but that's a different story). He doesn't disappear... he doesn't get erased... he is still alive and kicking for watever reson - and that is only one of thousands of super-annoying paradoxes in this garbage.

Watch "Chronicle", the other above-mentioned movies and/or every other time-travel-themed film instead. You won't regret.

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  1. I love these kinds of movies - with time travel and paradoxes - but this does sound awful. Skipping.


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